Taking the spirit of New York

New York,

What’s the meaning of this City for me?.

New York is like the style of an old movie from the 50’s that it didn’t change, just when I’m dreaming in something beautiful about NY city.

New York buildings fascinated me. They are high and elegant. Also  it helps to define this decadent romanticism that I’m feeling  when I’m in New York.

When I’m up in the top of the building everything  is in silence and magnificent, and a dream can come true.

But when I’m down in the streets I believe is when the darkness is arriving if you are not ready to fight.

Is  not an easy City, is very intense  and cruel.

But then the  miracle happens, after a battle to your self and in this  small piece of land, you find your grace, your light, your true but just only if you survive of that City.

For sure it must have some relation about what happened to this City as Martin Scorsese explain in Gangs of New York in the middle of  XIX  century -(1846).

This City is been built by  the struggle and dreams.


These are amazing photos of Vito Galvango photographer.

That’s why New York is a tough city.

By the way, I like  New York.

You never get bored  about it. New York for me is a female / masculine name. I can’t find the true essence of it yet.

There is always something new to discover.

I’m lost in New York…


2 thoughts on “Taking the spirit of New York”

  1. Baby, all inside and outside of you is beautiful, such a very good person. Get lost in NY, enjoy it and never forget that in Bcn we always think of you.


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