One day in China Town in New York City.

China Town’s area strategically is very good located. Is in Manhattan and it’s next to one of the best areas of New York City called Soho. You can walk after Soho and you are there. Is an economic area that can provide you anything you need for living. And it’s full of chines people, :-). But within the limits of the area you can see some mix.  That’s where I would live if I had to in China Town. 

As I know as so far, the best are the tea, vegetables, some medicine and cosmetics in some how.


If you cannot spend money on good food this is a good option.

About the fish and meet I’m not able to say anything.  Just  I don’t feel is good for me still. I don’t know where they come from and how they take care of it.

But I have to say I tried!!!!!! the eagles!! ahahhahahahaha OMG!!!! they are not the same as a sushi pice, you know?.



And I think I won’t try to eat the frogs although I know it’s a gourmet delicacy in some countries.

I’m sorry I prefer the catalan style snails. Like my grandfather use to make for all of us.Image

If you want some frogs, alligators, general fish…etc. They take it and kill it at the moment. The most animal way, the real way to eat the food. Blood all over, the most cruel and authentic way ever. You can see it in the markets of China Town.



This is actually real life. What happens is that we forget it when we cover everything with all modern lifestyle. To make us feel we are better persons.

There is a really good chinese  restaurant  in China Town called  “Joe’s Shanghai”. The most healthy  food never ever eat before form Chinese. 

Is about food, the restaurant doesn’t looks much good and you have to share tables (which I’m not use to it, and it was difficult for me initially).

But then I enjoy  and recovered myself after a Kung Fu class. And drink that Ginger stuff they have.




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