Walking  around the center of Montevideo I had to stop because I found  something that it was going on.

It was a theater group. They are traveling around the world. by Fernando Rubio.
It  happens on a bed with the actor / actress and viewers/ current people who are walking down the street.

What would you do in bed with someone you do not know?
A place so intimate …

In this case it was an argentian theater group.

Also Tango is very intimate … for me that I’m european and a bit close for that, I have to say. But everbody dance with everybody here … also in Uruguay.

Again, what would you do in bed with someone you do not know? …. Such an intimate space.

Are you going to talk with her/him?

Are you going to look at her/his eyes?

Are you going to smell him/her?

Are you going to look how he/ she sleeps??

Are you going to ignore her/him?

Are you going to tell him/her your things? You’re worries, your secrets?

Are you gonna make him/her love?…..


In plaza Cagancha, Montevideo-Uruguay.



Photos by me.

At list I can see creative and several kinds of expression around Uruguay . Which I think is a really good thing to maintain the driving force that move the world. The performing art, the music, the paint…etc.

And in my country is the first thing they have been cut it.  

The atmosphere is thin when you can not dream when you have no resources to imagine because the country does not allow you to open to creativity and culture. Because they may think is not important for the future of the humanity. 

How people can find themselves  then…?

Just looking at the neighbor or copy what the competition does? 

And exceed the goals of others will make you bigger? You will be accepted by the society then?

As the latest marketing campaigns now a days. 

Instead of listening to yourself  and creating your own personality….ah wait….we didn’t learn that at school….not in general school…

What a petty. That’s our future…






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