All about sheep /Salto North of Uruguay.

I never, never saw this kind of sheep in real. Some of them I’ve seen them in Heidi cartoons and I though they were unreal. 

But now I see where they could took some inspirations… form kind of places like these.









This is a Merino Australiano Sheep. She was the queen of the competition. <3.

Soft wool to make Jerseys…one of best quality wool-Merino.

In Uruguay is very known because of the wool.




I want to thanks  to André and his family to take me part of his family in his place. They show me around Salto. Their  beautiful place and Nature which I really  appreciate.

I have got good friends all over and  I love it.



If it was a sheep magazine, she would be in the next cover of it. 😛


Photos by me






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