Cars I never thought were still running.- Uruguay.


Beautiful color also. Is the color from Uruguay flag like  Argentina’s flag but different  or Deportivo  from Galicia :-P.

Streets in Montevideo. They use these type of cars to transport  vegetable and fruits  to the stores or markets.


Between Punta Carretas and Montevideo.


Mercado de Punta Carretas en Montevideo-Uruguay.


It remind me about the old cartoons I saw when I was a little girl..and not much little :-P.


This one was on the way to Punta del Este.  Still running incredible <3.


In Barcelona  You can see now, how there is people looking into the  garbage with a shopping car from supermarkets.

Here they use horses…I prefer this option.

It’s a way to better solve your existence of life in the Capitalist system if you get in trouble. They are much more connected to nature than us. There is much more land here and I think that’s better.

Photos by me














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