Way to Punta del Este-Montevideo-Uruguay


What happens when a man realizes that all he had one day can become disused, old and no longer works in his life.

This picture could be many interpretations what ever you would like to do and say like LIFE.

Maybe is your choice to be what you want to be.

The past is already done in his / her life.

There comes a time when we no longer need these material things. Our body will also ends in the cementery.

What is that we have after all this. Experiences that make us be ourselves, as we are right now.

What is everlasting?

What do you take after all this happenings in your life?

I had good cars in my life

I had good food in my life

I had good sex in my life

I had good body in my life

I had good clothing in my life

I had good properties in my life

I had…

Experiences leave us bad test or good test. Normally we take  the good with us to remember. At list I do.

These things not longer full us anymore, no longer serve us. Do not learn from them anymore.

What it remains on time?

At the end what you’ve got are  broken toys…no everlasting things.

What it’s  in your mind after.

What makes you survive?

We enjoyed the pleasures  of life some of them healthier than others. I’m included on it.

We derive the consequences of who we are. How we affect both ourselves and those around us.

What kind of things or experiences make you go to the other side to move forward in this life or in others.

What is the actual energy that help us.

What is truth to survive ??

There are much more good clothing designers than good Life-style designers these ones based in broken toys.

Some times this kind of pleasures make us lose time on our lives without seeing the real thing or to know about why we are living  in this world.

Life-Style Designs are obsolete nowadays  for man and woman

But please do not let lifestyles design methods based on broken toys. Because that man/woman is living a developing lie on life. Apparently looks good but never reach the real thing.

The balance is tipped toward the importance of material things without realizing their connection with the growth of your soul.


I think  life-style patterns  are obsolete.

Think man think …think woman think

Do not make me suffer in my soul º…

Photos by me



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