Magical moment in Montevideo Beach

Montevideo has an espectacular beach. Sometimes reminds me to Cape Town beach, South Africa





You can run, you can have a walk is long long long beach. Beautiful.





At the weekends is full of people walking all along the beach it could be an european City, but is Montevideo :-P.




This part of Montevideo’s beach reminds me to La concha de Sant Sebastian, Spain.Image




Magic Montevideo what you are trying to telling me with this beautiful picture photo  in the sky??












2 thoughts on “Magical moment in Montevideo Beach”

  1. Hi Dona,

    I love your Pictures! I love your blogg. Especially since I have plans, to go to argentina and Uruguay for tree months next year to learn some Tango!

    Have fun!
    Brigitte from zuerich

    1. That’s great Uruguay is more quite than Argentina, but is beautiful also I never thought Uruguay was such a nice country. They are rich in many senses.
      Thank Brigitte!!!
      Do it but take care ok??

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