Partying in Montevideo

Red Lounge. in Punta Carretas – Montevideo.


Nice place to hung out with some friends. I recommend it  for having first drinks not for dinner.



The service is good. It’s easy, people is very nice in Uruguay and very hospitality.

LOTUS!!!  Pocitos- Montevideo.

Well there is not much culture in Uruguay about Halloween  just we were wearing for a wile this masks and that’s it. But we had a good time!! <3.


Nice  Club after 2 o’clock a.m, before…don’t expect any Club running….


The woman’s toilette has brushes and hd for the hair…ahhahahha OMG!!!!!

And a tv screen…wile  we  are waiting for our torn to piiiiiiiii……


Ok !!!!

Pay attention Girls!!! red alarm to this bar!! Club. 21.  Pocitos- Montevideo


I don’t recommend you to go at list you want to have sex at the 30 min. that  you are there.

And it’s full of hungry men. Definitely. It’s a jungle!!!

Hope you follow my advice.



Really normal and not normal but nice people hung in out to this place. Beers!!! is a big Bar  where you can dance as well. Some young people!! casual. Playing music  the american 80’s and some 90’s 80’s spanish music as well.

This bar it reminded me when I was a teenage in Spain with the spanish music of the 90’s :-). Funny because I was in Uruguay!.

UP BOLICHE!!!! Complejo Wloung… Ramblas  in Montevideo.


Nice people!! Ask for Daniel Adami he treated us very well!! as his guests… thank you!

Photos by me



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