My Switzerland views <3

One of my best friends took me this pic…

Very close  from Heidi’s place, in  Grimsel.


Photo by Daniel Aeschlimann

He is a really profesional photographer a Swiss one from Zürich.

“A word is a word”

That’s why  he is  still  a good friend of mine.

I love to have these type  of friends. We have known each other from many years and we don’t lose the contact although we live in different countries.

From Barcelona driving through France, we  arrived to Verbier-Switzerland. Beautiful village  many things to do outside from piste. Interesting people,  you can find also some famous people from overseas like hollywood actors.  

But too many people up there for me. 

We were in one beautiful place where you can sky very comfortable, called Les Diablerets. We went at 3000 meters high to the top!!  And nonstop getting down just falling several times with my snowboard  😛 ahhahahah !! hahahahahaah but keep going down, down, down to the earth. 🙂

Amazing moments 

Les Diablerets





Start Making parachute descend for example. That looks incredible, some people was doing it.






The heaven of Switzerland…it looks like, isn’t it?.


New year’s eve  they drink champagne and they have fireworks. They are  not  celebrating with  grapes like us in Spain or Barcelona. 



Beautiful village  Les Diablerets…


Could be the most peaceful place in the world.


But do not miss it, the name of “Les Diablerets”…
At one moment can change everything. Things are not what they seem at the end we all have an angel and devil inside. 


Maybe that’s why the Swiss are the guardians of the Vatican.

Wile we were skiing in Swiss Alps, Michael Schumacher  was skiing in Méribel in French Alps, out of pist but with Helmet…:-(.

Those things are sad. But this is the life…





Bright-lighting  balloons flying at night for the new year’s day. 2014.



Time to get back to earth. We stopped  at Montreux, next to Lausanne, to say good bay to the Alps.



Photos by me












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