Argentina- Buenos Aires


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as I was walking down the San Ignacio district. I was struck by a super  pink glow in the air.

With all my respect to the Pink House. This building is authentically and unbelievably  PINK!!!!!

This government is feminine in every way and I think it suits  the Argentinian president, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner pretty well 

But I don’t know if she has a  Barbie collection inside also.


Next,  I visited  the beautiful  Sant Palermo area which I have to say is  one of the safest places in  Buenos Aires so there is no need for you to be extra careful. 

We ate in a typical, local  restaurant  called la Brigada famous for its meaty  dishes. They certainly know about meat, in  a different way but like the Uruguayans.

This restaurant is  a classic as it says on the picture, however, what I found strange was  that there were only foreigners inside.You should check it out  if you ever go to the center in the San Ignacio district.




This is an indoor market housed in a European colonial building which feels very familiar to me as if I was in Spain.




Tango is  the most popular  dance in Argentina and surprisingly there are special places where you can have a drink and tango. This is a very sensual and provocative dance which i would recommend to anyone although it was too intimate for me to do this dance with a stranger. 


El  Señor Tango is a place you have to experience even though if it’s very comercial. Its is very easy and convenient to find at all hotels.

The tango dancers are amazing as well as the singers who have  good voices. You can breath and feel the machismo ambience and I was a bit shocked at how whilst watching the show the middle-aged male singer made a lame joke comparing  a mini cooper to  a  woman dressed in lingerie on the big screen. It reminded me of  Berlusconni´s channel on Spanish tv when I was a little girl back in the 80’s. I was so embarrassed by his neanderthal joke and behaviour. 



Photos  by Dona. 











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