A weekend in the country side of Argentina

La Ensenada is an amazing place to relax in La Pampa, which is about one hour form Buenos Aires.

We went to see a really good friend of mine who was there with her husband, Ernesto Guiterrez they are owners of La Ensenada, the beautiful estate we were lucky to stay at.

I can only say good things about Gabriela Gihilino. She is an amazing human being and a lovely person. Gabriela was a good model before she became a great mother with a lot of responsibilities. She worked a lot for many years in Japan, where we first met and she was very helpful to me. We´ve shared good times since the beginning of my modeling career. Gabriela was very well-known in Mexico and Argentina as a professional model.


Here is Gabi relaxing in one of the places of  LA ENSENADA.  It has a  beautiful  little lake, where there are several  curious animals.

She likes spending her time there, drinking mate and meditating  with nature and listening to her thoughts.  🙂 Something,I like doing a lot of too, that’s why we connect.

Watching her unwind on her sofa enjoying her chill-out moment  brings me peace and comfort.


It was the first time I saw Capybaras!!!!

Excuse my ignorance, but I felt like a child when I saw them for first time. I had always seen them in cartoons when I was a child so seeing them right in front of me was truly amazing!!!

Chuleta,the Jack Russell :-), got very excited for this animal too.What an Incredible moment it was!!! They were like big hamsters in big sheep bodies.


This is the wooden pathway leading to the guesthouse, the stables of the polo horses and to the central house where Gabriela and Ernesto live.


This is the Central House of La ENSENADA which has spectacular views all over.

This is the  back  porche  of the house and it’s all horses. They breed Polo horses here. La ENSENADA also has its very own Polo Team which is also involved in La DOLFINA, another Polo team, founded by Adolfo Cambiaso, one of the famous Polo players in Argentina.


It was so weird to come across two territorial owls  who weren’t afraid of anyone or anything, all they did was stare at you, straight in the eye and not hide in the trees as though they were checking you out.


Here are the stables where the horses sleep and eat,which are next to the guest house. These horses are beautiful and majestic.


La Ensenada has two Polo fields like this one. This massive green field makes you want to get lost in and run wild and freely across the pitch with the dogs… :-).


More views from the La Ensenada. Some times you can see  guinea fowls  and deers  in the middle of the field just crossing to get to the other side. So while you are drinking your máte, eating some sweets all of a sudden you´ll see them strolling or running across the field,these precious and memorable moments captured in my memory.


Argentina is one of the countries that has expert Polo players in the world. This was an exciting day because we had the privilege to watch a polo match, where Ernesto Gutierrez and Adolfo Cambiaso played. The match was between Hope Funds versus La Ensenada. It was a great experience to enjoy. I never realized that they change the  horses every 20 minutes more or less in each game and normally they are all mares .


I was walking with Ernesto’s mother, Norma while they were getting ready for the polo match. She is a fantastic and elegant woman full of life.  From what I heard the ambience of the Polo game is very different to the English  or South African  style because its not  a glamorous event unless its the finals. In Argentina, its more a casual event where you can enjoy the match in nature surroundings and with families.  Obviously final they are celebrating  like them of course!!!!!! :-). and after a big ASADOOOOOOOOOO!!!, we are in  Argentina :-), it shouldn’t be missed.


The match starts!!!. You can see Ernesto Gutierrez, the first  of the group with the brown horse who appears on the picture  and Adolfo Cambiaso  the second of the group with the argentinian helmet, both representing La Ensenada team in this match.


Congratulations … La Ensenada won  the match.  Is time to go to take a rest eating a good “Asado argentino”. Ñami  !!!!


They are involved in the  clothing brand  La Dolfina  as  a familiar business  and you can find all kind of Polo’s clothes style.

We went to see the  beautiful stores that they have in  the center of Buenos Aires.  We poped into the store  while we where having a look of the fantastic horse boots we realized a castings was happening in that moment. They were selecting the male models for the next Dolfina ’s  fashion show.


This is one of the views from inside of the store. Nice touches of wood.


Photos by me.


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