Antarctic Trip Part-7

5:30 a.m  the sunrise appears and we arriving to Danco Island at 9:00 a.m. We were passing trough Errera Cahnnel between Rongé Island and the west coast of Graham Land. It was discovered  by the belgian  Antarctic Expedition, 1897-1899, under Adrien de Gerlache, who named this feature for Leo Errera, ( looks spanish if it was Herrera..:-P) a professor of the university  of Brussels and a member of the Belgica Commission. It is a very scenic passage, as you can see on my pics, amazing sensations…



And it was a sunny day, we were lucky in almost all the trip, thanks!!!



Here are Gentoo Penguins changing his feathers, they don’t move too much they do not  feel much comfortable in the process.




This is a part of the Penguin Highway. Who are the Penguins here…the humans???…or the penguins…?




The female lays 2 eggs weighing approx. 130gr following an incubation period of 35 days in which both parents are actively involved, the young hatch. The  chicks are initially  looked after and sheltered by both parents in turn. After four to five weeks, they assemble in large groups, called creches.  There they are  well  protected from giant petrels and skuas, so that both parents can head out in search of food at the same time. In the southern breeding areas, the  young go out to sea at 62-82 days, versus 85 to 117 days in the  northern breeding areas… / Like in New York the Harry up for everything OMG!!!! no siesta!!! at all!!




These are Antarctic birds Skuas…




Danco Island or Isla Dedo is 1 nautical  mile ( 2km) long lying in the southern part of Errera Channel, off the west coast of Graham Land. It was charted by the belgian Antarctic expedition under Adrien de Gerlache, 1897-1899. Danco Island was  surveyed  by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survay from the Norsel in 1955, and named by the UK Antartctic Place-names Committee for Emile Danco (1869.1898), a Belgian geophysics  and member of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, who died on board the Belgica in the Antarctic .


I thought I was alone…I was hearing the silent in a somer day companying  with a beautiful views.

Tom Jacobi caught this moment…he caught my moment in a beautiful photo…that calls art….of feelings <3.


Photo by Tom Jacobi.


Weeeeeee!! here are the Girls of the expedition!!  Elgin, Katharina tom’s wife, Me, Tom and Marlies Michael Poiza’s wife,  beautiful day..


Photo by Tom Jacobi’s partner.




Ms Bremen always with us…





Gentoo screaming, I Should ask why they are doing this to  Dr. Klemens Pütz  our scientific of   penguins on board, :-).



Penguin’s Highway .



To get to Danco Island via Channel Errera is like a Museum of Icebergs amazing route of ice monuments!!!!



Photos by Dona GB.



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