Antarctic Trip, Part-10

Antarctic Sound….Crushing….the ice???…not yet….

The Antarctic Sound ( I love everything that sound music, is my passion) is a body of water about 48 km long and 11 to 19 km wide, separating the Joinville Island group from the northeast end of Antarctic Peninsula, and leading to the Weddell Sea. The sound was  named by the Swedish Antarctic Expedition under  Otto Nordenskjöld for the expedition ship Antarctic which, in 1902 under the command of Carl Anton Larsen was the first vessel to navigate. And it is known for its tabular icebergs which are floating with the current up north….amazing figures never seen before in real!!!! <3.

This Iceberg is quite new….



Ms. Bremen in trouble???….no…



Arriving to Brown Bluff, Tabarin Island




Brown Bulff, Tabarin Island, the 745 m high cliff




More babies Gentoo penguins I really like them even if they smell super bad…:-/… They are so curios…




Axel with his paddle board  in Antarctic!!!!!  is not an easy place for the conditions and the predators there is the most aggressive one, The leopard Seal!!!

He was with security with a Zodiac and Michael Poliza making photos of course…




An Adelie mother penguin trying to feet her kid…:-).




Getting to the cliff..




On the way trip to this Island wile Axel was doing paddle board we found the Leopard Seal. I heard that one of those early years a scientific woman was snorkeling into those waters or around …and she wasn’t lucky to find a Leopard seal,  she had over 48 bits more or less…her body was destroyed…sorry for say that…this is the life…on earth..

Don’t trust them…



The 745 m high cliff dominates a panoramic view.



Photos by Dona

Be continue…


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