Antarctic Trip, Part-9

The Melchior Islands …  a group of small, glacier covered islands, located between Anvers a d Brabant Islands. During the first German Antarctic Expedition of 1873 -74 Edurard Dallmann discovered these Islands.

Now there is a small argentinian  base and light house in one of the small islands called Lambda.



Ms. Bremen during a cruise discovered another small island within the group… (never ending story…..:-))…

This pic Looks like a Frozen yogurt ice creme …ñamiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!  Ñnammmmiiii!!  I’m a hungry model and human being at 7:00 a.m :-P.


Arriving deception Island at the afternoon into La Caldera de Isla Decepción. They call it Caldera because it looks like a big pot to cook inside.

Silence, misty, cold, quite, grey….sentations you feel when you get in little by little with Ms. Bremen. The nature is brutal amazing beautiful….but so cruel like human begins no matter the nationalities at the end…we are all in the same boat….ones more than others but none get out of it…



Inside of the caldera we are now, in Whaler’s Bay an old whaler station everything is there but no one is there not even the dead whales.



Just a lost  Gentoo pinguin who is changing his hair and feels annoying on his process…:-(..




Gentoo pinguïn changing his plumage…i found his other couple in the other side I though he was alone…normaly they are in communities  but this time they were very lonely and lost…



Looks like a Gallery museum with all the old containers were they were processing the whales oil and meat…everything from the whales.






Views from top of Deception Island.


Photos by me. Dona GB

Be continue…


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