Antarctic Trip, Part-11


Broken ice!!!!

Sailing towards the Antarctic sound…was the most extreme noise I ever heard into the special silence you can feel in this sea…

Looks like a terrible thunder in heaven but “on earth”.


Crack—–Crack—-Crack—–Crack CrackCrack…..BooooooooommmmmmmmmmCrack!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is going on after that???….The creation of Big Bang…I don’t know but sounds  fucking sacred imperialistic god’s father sound…..




Here we go!!! arriving to the Argentinian Base Esperanza, Trinity Peninsula. It is one of the only two civilian settlements on Antarctica.

The other being Chilean Villa Las Estrellas.

Here is the Captain of the boat Ms Bremen, Daniel Flenger and Susanne Farné from Switzerland. The best Capitan ever met before…very kind, and full of responsable into the free and good of humor ….the best!!! And he is German :-).




La capilla de Esperanza estación!!  Normally all the bases are militar people even the scientific or the religious pirst are all of them from Military….sounds strange but Antarctic is like this…almost militar style.



This base is built in 1952, the base houses 55 habitats in winter, including 10 families and 2 school teachers.

The base has some measure of fame because it is the birthplace of Emilio Marcos  Palma, the first person to be born in Antarctica.

Can you imagine…? hello Where are you form?, I’m from Antarctica!!! <3.

In this picture you see  facing the pic Benno Lüthi the president of Antarctic Research Trust  he is based in Switzerland.

And the really nice as well Dr. Hulrich Dornsiepen  a german geologist. He was living several years in the catalan Pirineus and I could talk a little about that. :-).





While we had to be two days on board … sailing to Falkland Islands, Islas Malvinas…depend of the side you are with the british or with the Argentinians. And about that I’m not with anyone, too much pressure in both sides.

Wile in the Spanish news Melilla is having problems again with the immigrants who want to get in the border of Europe and Futbol Club Barcelona has some Neymar taxes to pay to the central govern ( is not the UNICEF staff that I had in my mind, from Barça…) and the independent problems still without solution. With the serious problems of Ukraine  and the “N.Korea test-fires missiles” in threaten mood or provocation and the non understandable scandal of Collins in USA “finding a welcome home” because he is gay???? I don’t understand this news sorry…

Between all that  messy crap  I’m finding something that breaks my heart deep deep into the bottom of my heart…

“PACO DE LUCÍA”  had died  on his 66 years old while he was playing in Mexico…<3.

Somebody who understood the music and he could live with passion about that. Like a gift to give to the others.

I feel for him…he changed the traditional flamenco he made “history”…and I like that from people.



While all that was happening…we were having a look  into the ship’s engineer  with all type of explanation how it works works and what we need for survival during 2 weeks at list…

This boat is very aware of recycling the plastics the crystal and the water we use for clean and for the rest…they don’t through away anything to the sea…Ms. Bremen.



We were having a tour with the King of the engineers down stairs. So much noise by the way…but very interesting.


A lot of responsibility to be in, congratulations for being the King…



Photos by me.






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