Antarctic Trip, Part-12

Falkland Islands, East.

Arriving to Stanley Harbour, is the only true city in the Falkland Islands.  At the 2006 census, the city had a population of 2,115.

Of course Penguin’s Press I love that concept we are in the penguin’s land…<3. At list these British people have a quite sense of humor, far away from its roots…:-).

Falkland  Pound, 1 FKP= 1,20€ or 1,66 USD

And Credit cards are accepted in most places.




Photo by Mark Semonian.


There are three churches including the Anglican Christ Church Cathedral, the southernmost cathedral in the world.

I feel comfortable inside of those churches there is not much luxury on it. A place to pray doesn’t need that much. Perhaps in others lives I was anglican, who knows…

And that sculpture is a whalebone arch.

Standley has 4 pubs, eleven hotels & guesthouses and three restaurants.



Prof. Dr. Wilfried Korth, he is like a rock he is the Ice Man, his field  are the icebergs on this trip and other things of course as a scientific. He is been in Polar expeditions following other  past expeditions  in the history trying to discover more thinks about the  investigation of ice. If it wasn’t because of the penguin in the little bag- if you change it into your imagination  with a red cross on it he could be a templar cavalier  of the middle age…




Photos by Dona GB.


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