Antarctic Trip, Part-13

In Falkland Islands we stopped in New Island -Isla de Goicoechea, it is 238 km form Stanley and is 13 km long. The highest point is 226 meters. Long used as a base for whaling, as a sheep farm.

New Island is considerate by some to be one of the most beautiful Island of Falkland archipelago, as well as having possibly the most diverse range of wildlife in the region. It is a nature reserve stablished by Ian Strange in 1972.




Just arriving to the island we had the welcome of this type of birth…he wasn’t afraid of human beings..super strange…he was trying to fine something shiny and bling bling to take it away… It can be a blackish Cinclodes or Imperial Shags or Straited Caracaras …I’m not sure.


It was a hot day after all the frizzing trip… some of the people toke off their coats…to walk around.



Yeahhhh- finally we found the Southern Rockhopper Penguins!!! They remind me to fraggle rock cartons animal!!!  <3.




Red eyes  and not much big, 2.5 kg. The breeding grounds are located a 100 meters  above to the level to the sea. The population of these artistic climbers who are able to manage these  heights without effort is estimated to be abut 1 million. They lay two eggs.




And we found staying and sharing the breeding a lot of balck browed- Albatross

The entire breeding cycle, from egg-laying to becoming full-fledged, lasts 6-7 months.




In the falkland Island and in the most sub- Antarctic islands we can find the smaller black- browed albatross. The feathers on the bird’s back are light gray to black in color, where as a dark stripe on the otherwise white- feathered  head distinguishes this species for classification.




The island is a largely vegetated with grasses; there are no trees, thought shrubs have been introduced. There are no native land mammals since the extinct Falkland islands Wolf, or Warrah, was exterminated there. They have rabbits as well but I couldn’t see any..:-(.




Int he picture we have Dr. Klemens Pütz a is a scientific penguinologist and director of Antarctic Research Trust. We discover he was the most macho procreator from the human begin spaces in the boat  explained in a lecture about the reproduction law or something like this by  Dr. Oliver Krüger. Very interesting lecture; they were saying that who had most longest  ring finger as a man they have a lot of testosterone and they are able to procreate better, but not explained with those words of course.



I have to say it was a beautiful day…There are 2 people living in the island..british ones…and they told us 2 days ago there was a bad weather and it was that bad that the last Norwegian boat that came it had like about 15meters of weaves ( I don’t know if I could believe that is a lot…:-O) and they couldn’t land in some place.And the most we had maybe were 3-5 meters? as bad…



Photos by me.



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