Antarctic Trip, Part-14

Saunders Islands, Falkland Islands

Isla Trinidad in spanish, is the fourth largest of the Falkland Islands, laying north west of  West Falkland Islands. The Island is run as a Sheep farm.  The highest ponint, Mount Richards, is 457m.



The King penguin!! Is the second largest species of penguin. It predominantly lives on the subantarctic islands such as South Georgia, the Flakland Islands, Macquarie Islands, Heard Islands, the Kerguelen Islands and the Crozet Islands. There are currently aprox. three million king penguins worldwide.


The top of the head, the cheeks and the throat are black, The sides of the head and the neck area are characterized by orange patches. The long bill bears orange to yellow stripes along the sides. The back and the flippers are slate grey, the chest and stomach area white, the feet black.

And in this pic you can see a baby King penguin he is completely brown chick…and he has the same actitud as their family…is so funny.

King penguins are very sociable, they hunt in group. They breeding cycle spans 14 month in total, which means that king penguins cannot rise a chick every year. Incubation takes places between mid- november and mid-april.


They diet consist of fish, crustaceans and squid which they hunt for in depths of water of up 300 m. In some cases, king penguins have been known to dive up to 500 m deep.


Magallanic Penguin!!

They mesure aprox. 70cm in height with an average weight of 4 kg. They have black backs and with stomachs. A white strip runs in an arch from the throat via the neck and above the eye to the top of the bill.  The iris is dark red. It is very similar to that of the Humboldt penguin and the African penguin.  The overall population is made up of aprox. 1.3 million breeding pairs.


Next to the beach with a whale skeleton


Many penguins  down to the beach, the seam as us…Whaching the sun goes down…Saunders beach, Saunders Island …kiss you in the sun.

Beautiful moment..<3.  Thank you life..thank you love…



Photos by  Dona GB.


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