Umlani – Krüger – South Africa

From Cape Town to Krüger, is not an easy fly as a know now. All depend of the weather, it can be a lovely day and immediately turned into a nightmare storm where you can not see anything and start to believe in angles and God up in the sky.

First of all you need to check  the wheels and all the machinery of the plain if you don’t have to have an extra surprise.

And this trip I was in charge of the wheels but I needed some help, 🙂


Photo by Daniel Aeaschlimann

The four of us flying  but I had an urgen needs to get to the toilet and I couldn’t make it 4-5 hours and I didn’t want to make it in a bottle sorry I’m still a lady? I don’t really know what I am but I couldn’t  make it. :-/. So I was the only one who had this need I drank to much water!!!

They make an emergency landing in the middle of no where.



Photo by Dona G.B

Finally we arrive to the destination.


Photo By Daniel Aeschlimann

Four of us sleeping that night in the house tree with no light no water nothing we needed to bring everything with us and get lucky if no lions or any kind of animals staying over that night with us.  6:00 a.m, We need to get ready to see the lions, leopards, elephants..etc.



Photo by Dona GB.


We were eating and sleeping in one special and simple loge in Umlani- Krüger, very hippy stile simple and relaxing one. Good and simple food all we needed. All basic staff but good. For me the best to enjoy in that moment.

Our way back to Cape Town was really bad whether we could not see the sky for an hour everything was withe and mist…




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