Beryl Markham – A gift to my eyes of Africa

That book was a treasure as a gift. The person that gave me this as a gift saw something similar on me?  Or maybe could understand the life in Kenia- Africa from a woman point of view ?

I don’t know maybe some real woman to get inspire with.

I could not imagine how is Africa for a woman like her. In those  hard  places to live in.

She starts living  in Kenia with her father at 4 years old form London.  I never been to Kenia but because of her I would like to se all that places that she was in and also to feel what happens to ply with a similar plain around that area…


beryl-markham-west-with-the-night.-Cartel-color1 images


The  father of Beryl Markham is watching  how his daughter is taking control of her airoplain and say  goodbye with his hand outside of his home, she came to vista him…they live in Kenya he is 64 years old and instead of saying  he is old and need to rest…he says to her, he wants to go to South Africa he likes Durban and he can do a lot about horses…

the culture of british people was about racing horses even if South Africa is  almost Dutch there is a lot of influence about horses that’s why exist all that type of horses events and festivals and Polo games!! This time not Spanish dancing Horses just british style.

Hard woman and and intense life super adventure ….amazing survival, and shows that there is not difference between woman and men. Women are strong in Kenya.

Some day i will go and I’ll see.

Dona GB


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