Biscuit Mill – Cape Town on Saturdays

It’s curious how people we  need to socialize in this type of places. 

It’s a super cool  place you can enjoy the food from all the places from all over the world whom coexist in South Africa. 

You can find dutch cakes or sidra form I don’t know were or house made beer or french- south africans wines or empanadas form argentina or oriental  food or now you can find paella as well. Also there is a lot of bio- ecological food and products. 

Music as well in a very alternative and chill mood and clothing. 

All the necessary to make the saturday brunch in Biscuit mills….

Also you can find your friend here some lovers as well they come to meet up some girls or boys as well. 

Everybody  is here in saturday midday so at the end you realize Cape Town is a village that everybody knows each other.


I went to ask for tea..they just had coffe from everywhere…


Hanging out in Biscuit mill very fashionable…<3.  




I did this pic from a friend’s house It’s located after Camps Bay in Cape Town, you can see Lion’s Head is one of his views I love to climb it specially at 6.00 a.m when the sun is not strong!!! good  walk up there. 

Here is the link of his place….



Photos by Dona GB.


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