Flying through Big Hole- Northern Cape – South Africa

The Big hole is in Kimberley called as well Kimberley Mine, in South Africa.

From 1871 to 1917. At about 6 o’ clock a.m everyday the workers queued in single file and trundled down the shafts and into the underground mine. There,  they collected cocopan loads of the blue ground (Kimberlite ore) that had been liberated  through  the blasting of the chamber walls.

The tunnels were insufferably hot and the loads heavy. The working day anded at 6 p.m and the workers returned to their compounds.


IMG_5104_2 IMG_5111

 On the way to the Big Hole we needed to add more gasoline and  we could see from the air how a Mine is with this type of shape. All the sand they take off form one place and they have to put in another. 

Here is Daniel Aeschlimann  taking a picture. 


And as a result this kind of scene is created in the air…. 


 Photos Dona GB. 




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