Where is Wally ? Bruce Springsteen my spiritual father was near Cape Town.

It was one of my best days in Cape Town when I knew  Bruce Springsteen was coming near from  Cape Town in Bellville Stadium- where if I remember well Sugar Man was in South Africa for first time- and happier when my boyfriend got me some tickets for that event <3.

I have to say my spiritual father is still like the first time I saw him in Barcelona with 14 years old. I use to see him (in the videoclips) on his first album or one of his first albums “Rosalita” he was jumping to the piano all the time :-).  He is really in “Shape”.


 What I never saw is that he jumped into the public and started to move from one side to the other. He was very committed to them I don’t know why but Barcelona public was much more  close to him and he had already the party in a high level started. What I saw in Barcelona is that he was very emotional and I loved it, I know that….for sure. He present us his complete family to us.  But in Cape Town in Velodrome was his first time in South Africa if I’m not wrong. And I couldn’t stop jumping in every song he sang and the E street Band played.


 The amazing thing  that we could enjoying him very close to the people. He got a beer from on of the people and drank it all!!!! :-).


 I thing he was dressed into some  All Saints style I know this because a really good friend of mine form Music business  saw him in London  All Saints Stores buying clothing.  I really like his style I found him authentic for him.  My spiritual father is a modern nonstop life human being between other things.


Also was the first time for Marta  to see the Boss in action, she is a super cool Dj under  Miss-Tuk name and Heels to kill dj Team too.

I love her music she is becoming a really good dj, she was working with Riana when she cam to Barcelona  and she was making a tour in Cape Town with her dj staff. Go Go Go Miss- Tuk.



He was the Boss again.  Never tired to see him in action he give me life…lovely day. Thanks my love…

Photos Dona GB.


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