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Le Petit Tarte – Cape Town / South Africa

Le Petit Tarte is a small and cute place it seems to me between french (because of the name) or dutch, and a bit of britsh as well it has a mix, which I like it a lot. I mean German and Dutch people they know how to make cakes as I like it.


And the place is so beautiful I like it a lot I come sometimes to write notes or my thoughts…


Photos by Dona GB.



Clerck’s restaurant Cape Town – South Africa

Clerck's restaurant Cape Town - South Africa

One of the best Burgers at the moment I’ve ever had!!!

Very casual very Cape Town style. I love it. The bead I don’t want to know how is made. ahhahah but is amazing. At the moment the best burgers in Town with the combination.
I’m still eating meat…just a bit not much. When I feel need it.