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MOCAA Cape Town Opening Event.

Opening celebration with many different african designers…

I was wearing an Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Gala dress for that day. I thought was very appropriate for this event and I enjoyed a lot.

A major new cultural institution is being created in the historic Grain Silo at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. It is called Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) in honour of the renowned Zeitz Collection, that will form the museum’s founding collection, and the support of Jochen Zeitz of the programming and acquisition funds.

That was a great day a beautiful Gala with very interesting people from Africa-South Africa and from all over the world.

Thank you Mark Semonian, Thank you Jochen Zeitz.

MOOCA Cape Town




Umlani – Krüger – South Africa

From Cape Town to Krüger, is not an easy fly as a know now. All depend of the weather, it can be a lovely day and immediately turned into a nightmare storm where you can not see anything and start to believe in angles and God up in the sky.

First of all you need to check  the wheels and all the machinery of the plain if you don’t have to have an extra surprise.

And this trip I was in charge of the wheels but I needed some help, 🙂


Photo by Daniel Aeaschlimann

The four of us flying  but I had an urgen needs to get to the toilet and I couldn’t make it 4-5 hours and I didn’t want to make it in a bottle sorry I’m still a lady? I don’t really know what I am but I couldn’t  make it. :-/. So I was the only one who had this need I drank to much water!!!

They make an emergency landing in the middle of no where.



Photo by Dona G.B

Finally we arrive to the destination.


Photo By Daniel Aeschlimann

Four of us sleeping that night in the house tree with no light no water nothing we needed to bring everything with us and get lucky if no lions or any kind of animals staying over that night with us.  6:00 a.m, We need to get ready to see the lions, leopards, elephants..etc.



Photo by Dona GB.


We were eating and sleeping in one special and simple loge in Umlani- Krüger, very hippy stile simple and relaxing one. Good and simple food all we needed. All basic staff but good. For me the best to enjoy in that moment.

Our way back to Cape Town was really bad whether we could not see the sky for an hour everything was withe and mist…



A couple form Greece making tour in Africa. South Africa- North Africa. Cairo.

I met a Greek couple in Cape Town while I was modeling there. It’s really nice how this life brings me to meet interesting people about lifestyle.

Nice couple Elpis and Dora, I was there with my boyfriend and his friends in the Greek Tavern, Cape Town – Sea Point celebrating the greek day broken the plates, dancing over the fire and singing.

It’s another type of living the life which I respect.

They are using the public transport and living the life the african countries use to… amazing experience, check their bolg.

They are living a risky life the life of the freedom. But at list they are living this experience together I consider is a good way to know a person better.

Elpis and Dora in Taj Mahal…<3.

Elpidofors Greec.


Antarctic Trip, Part-9

The Melchior Islands …  a group of small, glacier covered islands, located between Anvers a d Brabant Islands. During the first German Antarctic Expedition of 1873 -74 Edurard Dallmann discovered these Islands.

Now there is a small argentinian  base and light house in one of the small islands called Lambda.



Ms. Bremen during a cruise discovered another small island within the group… (never ending story…..:-))…

This pic Looks like a Frozen yogurt ice creme …ñamiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!  Ñnammmmiiii!!  I’m a hungry model and human being at 7:00 a.m :-P.


Arriving deception Island at the afternoon into La Caldera de Isla Decepción. They call it Caldera because it looks like a big pot to cook inside.

Silence, misty, cold, quite, grey….sentations you feel when you get in little by little with Ms. Bremen. The nature is brutal amazing beautiful….but so cruel like human begins no matter the nationalities at the end…we are all in the same boat….ones more than others but none get out of it…



Inside of the caldera we are now, in Whaler’s Bay an old whaler station everything is there but no one is there not even the dead whales.



Just a lost  Gentoo pinguin who is changing his hair and feels annoying on his process…:-(..




Gentoo pinguïn changing his plumage…i found his other couple in the other side I though he was alone…normaly they are in communities  but this time they were very lonely and lost…



Looks like a Gallery museum with all the old containers were they were processing the whales oil and meat…everything from the whales.






Views from top of Deception Island.


Photos by me. Dona GB

Be continue…

Antarctic Trip Part-7

5:30 a.m  the sunrise appears and we arriving to Danco Island at 9:00 a.m. We were passing trough Errera Cahnnel between Rongé Island and the west coast of Graham Land. It was discovered  by the belgian  Antarctic Expedition, 1897-1899, under Adrien de Gerlache, who named this feature for Leo Errera, ( looks spanish if it was Herrera..:-P) a professor of the university  of Brussels and a member of the Belgica Commission. It is a very scenic passage, as you can see on my pics, amazing sensations…



And it was a sunny day, we were lucky in almost all the trip, thanks!!!



Here are Gentoo Penguins changing his feathers, they don’t move too much they do not  feel much comfortable in the process.




This is a part of the Penguin Highway. Who are the Penguins here…the humans???…or the penguins…?




The female lays 2 eggs weighing approx. 130gr following an incubation period of 35 days in which both parents are actively involved, the young hatch. The  chicks are initially  looked after and sheltered by both parents in turn. After four to five weeks, they assemble in large groups, called creches.  There they are  well  protected from giant petrels and skuas, so that both parents can head out in search of food at the same time. In the southern breeding areas, the  young go out to sea at 62-82 days, versus 85 to 117 days in the  northern breeding areas… / Like in New York the Harry up for everything OMG!!!! no siesta!!! at all!!




These are Antarctic birds Skuas…




Danco Island or Isla Dedo is 1 nautical  mile ( 2km) long lying in the southern part of Errera Channel, off the west coast of Graham Land. It was charted by the belgian Antarctic expedition under Adrien de Gerlache, 1897-1899. Danco Island was  surveyed  by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survay from the Norsel in 1955, and named by the UK Antartctic Place-names Committee for Emile Danco (1869.1898), a Belgian geophysics  and member of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, who died on board the Belgica in the Antarctic .


I thought I was alone…I was hearing the silent in a somer day companying  with a beautiful views.

Tom Jacobi caught this moment…he caught my moment in a beautiful photo…that calls art….of feelings <3.


Photo by Tom Jacobi.


Weeeeeee!! here are the Girls of the expedition!!  Elgin, Katharina tom’s wife, Me, Tom and Marlies Michael Poiza’s wife,  beautiful day..


Photo by Tom Jacobi’s partner.




Ms Bremen always with us…





Gentoo screaming, I Should ask why they are doing this to  Dr. Klemens Pütz  our scientific of   penguins on board, :-).



Penguin’s Highway .



To get to Danco Island via Channel Errera is like a Museum of Icebergs amazing route of ice monuments!!!!



Photos by Dona GB.


Antarctic Trip Part-2

We started  to sailing to  Cape Horn- Caleta León when the night was coming up with a beautiful full moon.

In the Picture passing Beagle Channel getting out from Ushuaia.




The Cape Horn is not exactly a cape, but an island on the southernmost tip of South America- Isla de Hornos. It was discovered and named in 1616 by 2 Dutch sailors, Jacques Le Marie and Willem Schouten.  They  later named the Cape after his hometown, Hoorn. For 300 years all major sea-routes led around the cape.  Up to the beginning of this century apron. 15.000 sailors lost their lives here. Since 1843 Cape Horn belongs to Chile. After the opening of the Panamá Canal, the route around Cape Horn has lost its importance.

6:00 a.m arrival time at Caleta León the Zodiacs are ready for the operation.  We have have all the necessary equipment to succeed, no matter men or women are very competent in doing their job.  My eyes are half closed and I have not had breakfastyet.

I’m hungry…I’m not a human being when I have nothing  in my stomach  :-P.




Caleta León- is the name of the bay near the cape, suitable for a landing.

There lives which is responsible for maintaining the meteorological  station manned by the Chilean Army.  He has a wife a son and a Dog. The 3 of them are  those who leave  permanently in the  island.



This poem was in one of the monuments erected on top for the Cape Horniers  with  a modern  sculpture of an Albatross.

Soy el albatroz que te espera

el el final del mundo

soy el alma olvidada de los marineros muertos

que cruzaron el cabo de Hornos

desde todos los mares de la tierra

pero ellos no murieron

en las furiosas olas

hoy vuelan en mis alas

hacia la eternidad

en la última grieta

de los vientos antárticos.

Sara Vial- December 1992.


Going up to the top of the island we found  two amazing photographers from our expedition,  Michael  in charge of the organization and Tom Jacobi on the back, he is another impresionan  creative artist with a beautiful wife inside and outside.




OMG!!! once I was up in the lighthouse, I couldn’t believe what I saw!!!! An independent catalan flag!!! and we were mostly at the end of the world….The only I could think about this phenomenon  happening in this moment of my life it was ” no matter were you are,  you cannot scape anywhere to forget the problems that you have in your life”. What it matters to me is that people brings their  ideals so far end that got stock with no evolution.  I’m catalán girl born in Barcelona and also I’m Spanish. But I want to be from the world not from a little minuscule portion from the world. And i love my culture. But I love what the world brings to me.




Here is not all…also the son was wearing a Força Barça sport cothing!!! OMG!!!! ahahahahhahah My mind was taking me back to my childhood…

This is a beautiful wooden Cahpel – Capilla Stella- Maris.





Inside of the  lighthouse there were all type of flags, Spanish of course, Mañicos Zaragozaaa!!!! Cool remembers from Fiesta del Pilar. Guys sorry but spanish  parties are amazing…:-).




The vegetation is almost like this because of the winds.



Caleta León <3.


Photos by  Dona GB.

It will continue…