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Lucia Cordeiro in New York for Hacid Mag

Lucia Cordeiro for Hacid Magazine

Lucia Cordeiro New York by Dona B.


Where is Wally ? Bruce Springsteen my spiritual father was near Cape Town.

It was one of my best days in Cape Town when I knew  Bruce Springsteen was coming near from  Cape Town in Bellville Stadium- where if I remember well Sugar Man was in South Africa for first time- and happier when my boyfriend got me some tickets for that event <3.

I have to say my spiritual father is still like the first time I saw him in Barcelona with 14 years old. I use to see him (in the videoclips) on his first album or one of his first albums “Rosalita” he was jumping to the piano all the time :-).  He is really in “Shape”.


 What I never saw is that he jumped into the public and started to move from one side to the other. He was very committed to them I don’t know why but Barcelona public was much more  close to him and he had already the party in a high level started. What I saw in Barcelona is that he was very emotional and I loved it, I know that….for sure. He present us his complete family to us.  But in Cape Town in Velodrome was his first time in South Africa if I’m not wrong. And I couldn’t stop jumping in every song he sang and the E street Band played.


 The amazing thing  that we could enjoying him very close to the people. He got a beer from on of the people and drank it all!!!! :-).


 I thing he was dressed into some  All Saints style I know this because a really good friend of mine form Music business  saw him in London  All Saints Stores buying clothing.  I really like his style I found him authentic for him.  My spiritual father is a modern nonstop life human being between other things.


Also was the first time for Marta  to see the Boss in action, she is a super cool Dj under  Miss-Tuk name and Heels to kill dj Team too.

I love her music she is becoming a really good dj, she was working with Riana when she cam to Barcelona  and she was making a tour in Cape Town with her dj staff. Go Go Go Miss- Tuk.


He was the Boss again.  Never tired to see him in action he give me life…lovely day. Thanks my love…

Photos Dona GB.

Biscuit Mill – Cape Town on Saturdays

It’s curious how people we  need to socialize in this type of places. 

It’s a super cool  place you can enjoy the food from all the places from all over the world whom coexist in South Africa. 

You can find dutch cakes or sidra form I don’t know were or house made beer or french- south africans wines or empanadas form argentina or oriental  food or now you can find paella as well. Also there is a lot of bio- ecological food and products. 

Music as well in a very alternative and chill mood and clothing. 

All the necessary to make the saturday brunch in Biscuit mills….

Also you can find your friend here some lovers as well they come to meet up some girls or boys as well. 

Everybody  is here in saturday midday so at the end you realize Cape Town is a village that everybody knows each other.


I went to ask for tea..they just had coffe from everywhere…


Hanging out in Biscuit mill very fashionable…<3.  




I did this pic from a friend’s house It’s located after Camps Bay in Cape Town, you can see Lion’s Head is one of his views I love to climb it specially at 6.00 a.m when the sun is not strong!!! good  walk up there. 

Here is the link of his place….



Photos by Dona GB.

Antarctic Trip Part-7

5:30 a.m  the sunrise appears and we arriving to Danco Island at 9:00 a.m. We were passing trough Errera Cahnnel between Rongé Island and the west coast of Graham Land. It was discovered  by the belgian  Antarctic Expedition, 1897-1899, under Adrien de Gerlache, who named this feature for Leo Errera, ( looks spanish if it was Herrera..:-P) a professor of the university  of Brussels and a member of the Belgica Commission. It is a very scenic passage, as you can see on my pics, amazing sensations…



And it was a sunny day, we were lucky in almost all the trip, thanks!!!



Here are Gentoo Penguins changing his feathers, they don’t move too much they do not  feel much comfortable in the process.




This is a part of the Penguin Highway. Who are the Penguins here…the humans???…or the penguins…?




The female lays 2 eggs weighing approx. 130gr following an incubation period of 35 days in which both parents are actively involved, the young hatch. The  chicks are initially  looked after and sheltered by both parents in turn. After four to five weeks, they assemble in large groups, called creches.  There they are  well  protected from giant petrels and skuas, so that both parents can head out in search of food at the same time. In the southern breeding areas, the  young go out to sea at 62-82 days, versus 85 to 117 days in the  northern breeding areas… / Like in New York the Harry up for everything OMG!!!! no siesta!!! at all!!




These are Antarctic birds Skuas…




Danco Island or Isla Dedo is 1 nautical  mile ( 2km) long lying in the southern part of Errera Channel, off the west coast of Graham Land. It was charted by the belgian Antarctic expedition under Adrien de Gerlache, 1897-1899. Danco Island was  surveyed  by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survay from the Norsel in 1955, and named by the UK Antartctic Place-names Committee for Emile Danco (1869.1898), a Belgian geophysics  and member of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, who died on board the Belgica in the Antarctic .


I thought I was alone…I was hearing the silent in a somer day companying  with a beautiful views.

Tom Jacobi caught this moment…he caught my moment in a beautiful photo…that calls art….of feelings <3.


Photo by Tom Jacobi.


Weeeeeee!! here are the Girls of the expedition!!  Elgin, Katharina tom’s wife, Me, Tom and Marlies Michael Poiza’s wife,  beautiful day..


Photo by Tom Jacobi’s partner.




Ms Bremen always with us…





Gentoo screaming, I Should ask why they are doing this to  Dr. Klemens Pütz  our scientific of   penguins on board, :-).



Penguin’s Highway .



To get to Danco Island via Channel Errera is like a Museum of Icebergs amazing route of ice monuments!!!!



Photos by Dona GB.


Antarctic Trip Part-4


Those are pics form Gibbs Island. It is 13 km long and 2 lm wide. James Weddell, whose chart of the islands appeared in 1825, was apparently the first to use the current name.

This type of penguins are Gentoo Penguins grow to a height of 60-80 cm. They weigh up to 8.5 kg. In the northern breeding areas, egg deposition already begins in  June, while in the southern regions it does not start before mid  September.





And these ones are Chinstrap Penguin





Chinstrap Penguins with a small glacial morrena/moraine on the back.




The color of the eyes of the Chinstrap penguins  are dark orange to brown with a height of 68-76 cm and a weight of up to 5,3 kg. They are smaller than the Gentoo Penguins. The female usually lays two eggs which are initially incubated by the male while the fame goes back to the sea to store additional fat. Then the parents take turns incubating the eggs. The chicks hatch after 31 to 39 days and are fed by their parents for another 48 to 59 days.  Their diet primarily consists of crustaceans and fish which are caught just underneath the surface of the water. The drive are brief and rarely take longer than one minute.



More beautiful Seals!!!



Sleeping this one looks like a human :-).




Leaving form Gibbs island four Chinstrap Penguins were playing  or trying to stand in that amazing blue iceberg…<3.





Photos by  Dona GB.

Antarctic Trip Part-3

Next day was Sunday it was  at sea day, on rout to Elephant Island.

We had the Bio Security Check, the German team were obligated to inspect all the material we were going ashore with, it should be free of organic material. They were very conciense about respecting the natural ambient, i really like that way.

Here we were with some of the scientists; Dr. Klemens Pütz, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Korth, Dr. Ulrich Dornsiepen and Prof.Dr.Oliver Krüger.



Also we were having some tips and secrets 😉 for better photography with Dietmar Baum Photographer,  time to have a meeting with the Hasselblad cameras!! yay!!!!


Also we had a lecture about Sir Ernest Shackleton by the anthropologist Dr. Gurdun Bucher.


Ernest Henry Shackleton was born on 15 February 1874 in County Kildare, Ireland. His father was a doctor. The family moved to London where Shackleton was educated.

In 1901, Shackleton was chosen to go on the Antarctic expedition led by British naval officer Robert Falcon Scott on the ship ‘Discovery’. With Scott and one other, Shackleton trekked towards the South Pole in extremely difficult conditions, getting closer to the Pole than anyone had come before. Shackleton became seriously ill and had to return home but had gained valuable experience.

Back in Britain, Shackleton spent some time as a journalist and was then elected secretary of the Scottish Royal Geographical Society. In 1906, he unsuccessfully stood for parliament in Dundee. In 1908, he returned to the Antarctic as the leader of his own expedition, on the ship ‘Nimrod’. During the expedition, his team climbed Mount Erebus, made many important scientific discoveries and set a record by coming even closer to the South Pole than before. He was knighted on his return to Britain.

In 1911, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole, followed by Scott who died on the return journey. In 1914, Shackleton made his third trip to the Antarctic with the ship ‘Endurance’, planning to cross Antarctica via the South Pole. Early in 1915, ‘Endurance’ became trapped in the ice, and ten months later sank. Shackleton’s crew had already abandoned the ship to live on the floating ice. In April 1916, they set off in three small boats, eventually reaching Elephant Island. Taking five crew members, Shackleton went to find help. In a small boat, the six men spent 16 days crossing 1,300 km of ocean to reach South Georgia and then trekked across the island to a whaling station. The remaining men from the ‘Endurance’ were rescued in August 1916. Not one member of the expedition died. ‘South’, Shackleton’s account of the ‘Endurance’ expedition, was published in 1919.

Shackleton’s fourth expedition aimed to circumnavigate the Antarctic continent but on 5 January 1922, Shackleton died of a heart attack off South Georgia. He was buried on the island.

Image        Image


As second-in-command of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, Wild was left in charge of 21 men on desolate Elephant Island as Shackleton and a crew of 5 made their epic rescue mission to South Georgia aboard a lifeboat. From 24 April to 30 August 1916 Wild and his crew waited on Elephant Island, surviving on a diet of seal, penguin and seaweed. They were finally rescued by Shackleton aboard the Chilean ship Yelcho. Point Wild on Elephant Island is named after Frank Wild, with a monument dedicated to the Chilean captain Luis Pardo who rescued him and his men.


Image      Image



Scott, the Photographer form the expedition…




Pics from Gallery Shackleton’s expedition.


They were using the penguins  for eat and  the oil for make fire  and cook, and also to play Rugby in some how …sorry but when you are in that situation in all year winter, I don’t know what you would going to do staying with only penguins and Seals….and snosw and ice…..:-(.

I posted those pics because I love the wool jerseys they were wearing on the expedition….as a fashioned eye…amazing!!! but unfortunately true.

Arriving to Elephant Island; It can be attributed to both head-like appearance and the sighting of elephant seals by Capitan George Powell in 1821.The Endurance Glacier is the main discharge glacier on the island.














About 6:00-7:00, The Zodiacs are waiting for us!!!

Point Wild, named after the expedition’s second in command.



Here is where the part of 22 men settled in to a winter under the two remaining lifeboats. While Shackleton and five others sailed of into James Caird, seeking help on South Georgia.  It is not an easy and hospitable site as you see.



This is the bronze  bust standing on the little and uncomfortable beach of Point Wild. Is not of Shackleton, but of the Capitan Luis Prado of the Chilean vessel Yelcho, on which Shackleton was  finally successful in rescuing his stranded crew.



In that expedition everybody survived after an inner winter in Antarctic.




Here you have a Chinstrap Penguin also known as a Ringed or Bearded penguin.




Leaving this site of the island by Ms Bremen  one of the safest boats to cross the antarctic with.




Cape Lookout also known as a Cabo Fossetti or Cabo Vigia, is a steep cape, 240, high, marking the southern extremity of Elephant Island in the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. The name Cape Lookout is because of 1822 by Capitan Geroge Powell from a Britith sealer. The planed landing site is very small and the animals live very closely together.



Seals from the Antarctic.



Photos by Dona GB.

It will continue….











Antarctic Trip

Day 1, flying from Cape Town- South Africa to Argentina-Buenos Aires. I’m interrupting my modeling work in the amazing summer starting in South Africa to get to the coldest summer ever- other wise most of the expedition could not survive- in Antarctic :-). Someone did some polar expeditions in winter time…but most of them were from the north of Europe in 1901 Robert F. Scott, with Discovery for example or Ernest Henry Shackleton. They were adventure people opening new ways of life.

It was an especial and amazing opportunity to not being missed it. That was a heaven gift as I decided to enjoy it, “Thank you Mr. M”.

That was the Michael Poliza Experiences” a magical trip.
He becomes the expeditions as a real safety adventure for people who wants to discover and learn new motivations in their lives.
He is a very known Photographer in Germany and all over most of the continents for his amazing pictures on his adventure trips in Africa, Antarctic, Arctic, Australia etc…


We arrived one day before  the trip started, staying in hotel La Faena next to the port of Buenos Aires.


We started with a cocktel at the afternoon to know all the passengers  we were going to stay with, during 2 weeks on the boat.


At the next day, day 2,from Buenos Aires we took a flight to Ushuaia at morning time with all the passengers, we were 75-80 more or less plus the Michael Poliza organization.  They were in charge to take the luggage for more flexibility in the preparation functions, the day before and taking care with all the passports and staff…

Here is the Pilot!! I suppose he is argentinian. He is drinking his early morning Mâte…like me :-).




Starting to see Ushuaia at the landing moment. Beautiful and exacting day.



As I heard from people who is been living for a wile in Ushuaia,  they have a ski station not much big but it works. Most of people who frequent the ski station are local argentinians or brazilians that they come to visit and see the snow.



We had a time to walk in Town  to get also all the last minute needs for the trip and enjoy the food and the ambient.

The last stop of civilization :-).



Ushuaia is a mix, between mountain village and a port twon.


Photos by Dona GB

At the afternoon we were making the embarkation  on Mv Bremen. One of the most safest boats sailing in antarctic seas. it was making an introduction of Michael Poliza and his Team, and  the Mandatory Life Drill for all the passengers according to the international SOLAS (Safety Of Life At the Sea). Also we had a Zodiac briefing for all guests through our Chief Officer Petra Müllensiefen.

In this trip I’m ready to listen all kind of  photography tips. I’m in between great artists in all senses…and the motivation is a 100% to learn something beautiful !!!.
























Cape Town- South Africa a morning shoot.

Here we go, Giovanni, Rianer and me  6:55 a.m i’m late 5 min. Rianer is German and of course he is waiting for me down stairs.I think  I need to be more into the  north european time…is one of the things I want to change of myself. It would save me for manythings for sure.

We had a great time, we had a good light and we had a warm weather to get into the icy water!! OMG!


Photo by  Dona GB


A weekend in the country side of Argentina

La Ensenada is an amazing place to relax in La Pampa, which is about one hour form Buenos Aires.

We went to see a really good friend of mine who was there with her husband, Ernesto Guiterrez they are owners of La Ensenada, the beautiful estate we were lucky to stay at.

I can only say good things about Gabriela Gihilino. She is an amazing human being and a lovely person. Gabriela was a good model before she became a great mother with a lot of responsibilities. She worked a lot for many years in Japan, where we first met and she was very helpful to me. We´ve shared good times since the beginning of my modeling career. Gabriela was very well-known in Mexico and Argentina as a professional model.


Here is Gabi relaxing in one of the places of  LA ENSENADA.  It has a  beautiful  little lake, where there are several  curious animals.

She likes spending her time there, drinking mate and meditating  with nature and listening to her thoughts.  🙂 Something,I like doing a lot of too, that’s why we connect.

Watching her unwind on her sofa enjoying her chill-out moment  brings me peace and comfort.


It was the first time I saw Capybaras!!!!

Excuse my ignorance, but I felt like a child when I saw them for first time. I had always seen them in cartoons when I was a child so seeing them right in front of me was truly amazing!!!

Chuleta,the Jack Russell :-), got very excited for this animal too.What an Incredible moment it was!!! They were like big hamsters in big sheep bodies.


This is the wooden pathway leading to the guesthouse, the stables of the polo horses and to the central house where Gabriela and Ernesto live.


This is the Central House of La ENSENADA which has spectacular views all over.

This is the  back  porche  of the house and it’s all horses. They breed Polo horses here. La ENSENADA also has its very own Polo Team which is also involved in La DOLFINA, another Polo team, founded by Adolfo Cambiaso, one of the famous Polo players in Argentina.


It was so weird to come across two territorial owls  who weren’t afraid of anyone or anything, all they did was stare at you, straight in the eye and not hide in the trees as though they were checking you out.


Here are the stables where the horses sleep and eat,which are next to the guest house. These horses are beautiful and majestic.


La Ensenada has two Polo fields like this one. This massive green field makes you want to get lost in and run wild and freely across the pitch with the dogs… :-).


More views from the La Ensenada. Some times you can see  guinea fowls  and deers  in the middle of the field just crossing to get to the other side. So while you are drinking your máte, eating some sweets all of a sudden you´ll see them strolling or running across the field,these precious and memorable moments captured in my memory.


Argentina is one of the countries that has expert Polo players in the world. This was an exciting day because we had the privilege to watch a polo match, where Ernesto Gutierrez and Adolfo Cambiaso played. The match was between Hope Funds versus La Ensenada. It was a great experience to enjoy. I never realized that they change the  horses every 20 minutes more or less in each game and normally they are all mares .


I was walking with Ernesto’s mother, Norma while they were getting ready for the polo match. She is a fantastic and elegant woman full of life.  From what I heard the ambience of the Polo game is very different to the English  or South African  style because its not  a glamorous event unless its the finals. In Argentina, its more a casual event where you can enjoy the match in nature surroundings and with families.  Obviously final they are celebrating  like them of course!!!!!! :-). and after a big ASADOOOOOOOOOO!!!, we are in  Argentina :-), it shouldn’t be missed.


The match starts!!!. You can see Ernesto Gutierrez, the first  of the group with the brown horse who appears on the picture  and Adolfo Cambiaso  the second of the group with the argentinian helmet, both representing La Ensenada team in this match.


Congratulations … La Ensenada won  the match.  Is time to go to take a rest eating a good “Asado argentino”. Ñami  !!!!


They are involved in the  clothing brand  La Dolfina  as  a familiar business  and you can find all kind of Polo’s clothes style.

We went to see the  beautiful stores that they have in  the center of Buenos Aires.  We poped into the store  while we where having a look of the fantastic horse boots we realized a castings was happening in that moment. They were selecting the male models for the next Dolfina ’s  fashion show.


This is one of the views from inside of the store. Nice touches of wood.


Photos by me.

Teatro Colon- Argentina

El Teatro Colon is one of the most beautiful and immense theaters worldwide. I’ve been listening it for a while and I think that is true. It is considered  as one of the best acoustic in the world at the same level of La Scala di Milano or the Bolshoi in Moscow, for example

We were watching the Cinderella with its beautiful ballet. It’s really worth it to see. 




It is a  mixture of European  elements. From outside of the building looks like we are in the old times of  greek architecture. Then there are elements of the italian Renaissance and  french Baroque.




You feel  like walking in a museum after the concert. “Feeding my soul”




Photos by Dona