Beryl Markham – A gift to my eyes of Africa

That book was a treasure as a gift. The person that gave me this as a gift saw something similar on me?  Or maybe could understand the life in Kenia- Africa from a woman point of view ?

I don’t know maybe some real woman to get inspire with.

I could not imagine how is Africa for a woman like her. In those  hard  places to live in.

She starts living  in Kenia with her father at 4 years old form London.  I never been to Kenia but because of her I would like to se all that places that she was in and also to feel what happens to ply with a similar plain around that area…


beryl-markham-west-with-the-night.-Cartel-color1 images


The  father of Beryl Markham is watching  how his daughter is taking control of her airoplain and say  goodbye with his hand outside of his home, she came to vista him…they live in Kenya he is 64 years old and instead of saying  he is old and need to rest…he says to her, he wants to go to South Africa he likes Durban and he can do a lot about horses…

the culture of british people was about racing horses even if South Africa is  almost Dutch there is a lot of influence about horses that’s why exist all that type of horses events and festivals and Polo games!! This time not Spanish dancing Horses just british style.

Hard woman and and intense life super adventure ….amazing survival, and shows that there is not difference between woman and men. Women are strong in Kenya.

Some day i will go and I’ll see.

Dona GB


Racing horses in Cape Town

I didn’t see the  horse race really… It was my first time in a race like this and Cape Town seems like everybody needs to show up. I had fun anyway. But that was like a competition for the most original dressed everybody was looking everybody.


Tramarin 1 IMG_0317



Particular couple…That was my racing horse day.

the Prawn Festival in Cape Town.




Photos by Dona GB.

Castings In Cape Town – South Africa

Castings in Cape Town you can find this type of beautiful daughters from some models that they are having the season as well.

I like that style I have to say everything is more Chill.

And you can make your life…as you need to do it at the moment. Another type of life, another type of way. Their way…


She is having the summer in Cape Town with her mami going to castings with her and learn to dress proper…

Love it..


Umlani – Krüger – South Africa

From Cape Town to Krüger, is not an easy fly as a know now. All depend of the weather, it can be a lovely day and immediately turned into a nightmare storm where you can not see anything and start to believe in angles and God up in the sky.

First of all you need to check  the wheels and all the machinery of the plain if you don’t have to have an extra surprise.

And this trip I was in charge of the wheels but I needed some help, 🙂


Photo by Daniel Aeaschlimann

The four of us flying  but I had an urgen needs to get to the toilet and I couldn’t make it 4-5 hours and I didn’t want to make it in a bottle sorry I’m still a lady? I don’t really know what I am but I couldn’t  make it. :-/. So I was the only one who had this need I drank to much water!!!

They make an emergency landing in the middle of no where.



Photo by Dona G.B

Finally we arrive to the destination.


Photo By Daniel Aeschlimann

Four of us sleeping that night in the house tree with no light no water nothing we needed to bring everything with us and get lucky if no lions or any kind of animals staying over that night with us.  6:00 a.m, We need to get ready to see the lions, leopards, elephants..etc.



Photo by Dona GB.


We were eating and sleeping in one special and simple loge in Umlani- Krüger, very hippy stile simple and relaxing one. Good and simple food all we needed. All basic staff but good. For me the best to enjoy in that moment.

Our way back to Cape Town was really bad whether we could not see the sky for an hour everything was withe and mist…



Two important Men and a Woman



Photo by Mark Semonian Charles Summerfield with Jess Levy most of the time she is singing with him on the choirs

In Cape Town we use to go to See Charles Summerfield & the URJ, They are amazing.

He is from Zimbabwe  originally but he is living with all his family in South Africa- Cape Town.

He is playing with his band in most of all music festival in Zimbabwe and Mozanbique and South Africa he is in every where. Everybody knows Charles Summerfield.


Photo by Dona GB.

Charles Summerfield after  an opening restaurant in the port,  Seelan  Restaruant in Cape Town with Mark Semonian who make music in my life right now.




From South-Africa to New York- Ciano Clerjuste

Ciano is based in New York but he has a lot of present as well in the fashion week in South Africa in Johannesburg.  He has one of the unique Foundation in the fashion world- United Colors of  Fashion in the fashion week of New York.

Every year is getting bigger and bigger and much more powerful  and professional.

The education program offered by UCOF Academy to under-resourced New York youth, is the only program of its kind in the United States. He use the benefits of the fashion world to educate in culture and fashion formation to this students.

I consider one of the most magnificent services and in the fashion world ever heard before. Not always the fashion world is cruel and  bad energy. You can find good people with creative and humanity who wants to do good thinks and build a  future in the right way.



Photo by Dona GB.

A couple form Greece making tour in Africa. South Africa- North Africa. Cairo.

I met a Greek couple in Cape Town while I was modeling there. It’s really nice how this life brings me to meet interesting people about lifestyle.

Nice couple Elpis and Dora, I was there with my boyfriend and his friends in the Greek Tavern, Cape Town – Sea Point celebrating the greek day broken the plates, dancing over the fire and singing.

It’s another type of living the life which I respect.

They are using the public transport and living the life the african countries use to… amazing experience, check their bolg.

They are living a risky life the life of the freedom. But at list they are living this experience together I consider is a good way to know a person better.

Elpis and Dora in Taj Mahal…<3.

Elpidofors Greec.


Le Petit Tarte – Cape Town / South Africa

Le Petit Tarte is a small and cute place it seems to me between french (because of the name) or dutch, and a bit of britsh as well it has a mix, which I like it a lot. I mean German and Dutch people they know how to make cakes as I like it.


And the place is so beautiful I like it a lot I come sometimes to write notes or my thoughts…


Photos by Dona GB.