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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for Hacid Mag in New York

Agata Ruiz de la Prada for Hacid Mag

Agatha New York Dona B.

Here you have some of my section in Hacid Mag.


MOCAA Cape Town Opening Event.

Opening celebration with many different african designers…

I was wearing an Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Gala dress for that day. I thought was very appropriate for this event and I enjoyed a lot.

A major new cultural institution is being created in the historic Grain Silo at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. It is called Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) in honour of the renowned Zeitz Collection, that will form the museum’s founding collection, and the support of Jochen Zeitz of the programming and acquisition funds.

That was a great day a beautiful Gala with very interesting people from Africa-South Africa and from all over the world.

Thank you Mark Semonian, Thank you Jochen Zeitz.

MOOCA Cape Town




Jack Garfein – shearing a workshop with him.

Jack Garfein survived imprisonment at Auschwitz and came to the United States at the end of World War II. He was born in Mukacevo, Carpathian Ruthenia, Czechoslovakia, now Mukacheve, Ukraine. He is 84 years old and travels from Paris where he lives and also teaches to New York to do this workshops for students…like me…

I had the opportunity to be in one of his workshops in New York and it was fantastic he is still alive there is no age at all on him.

I had a good experience like life is not easy but you are walking everyday.

Jack Garfein, New York

He is still a live…

Photo by Dona GB

Prince Albert and Red Mountain – South Africa

Well here we go again with more adventures in South Africa Flying to one of the closest airports to Prince Albert town, Oudtshoorn.


Depend of the area in South Africa is not good if you are in the country side to drive when the sun goes down , you are exposed to all type of danger it can be animal or some human risks . So it was a bit late and close to sundown we needed to cross the mountains to get to Prince Albert. We drove in a rented car almost alone through all the way that was really impressive thinking about what could us happened that night. finally we arrived in a good condition.


Nice and gentle town. Quite mixed. People super Chill nothing aggressive I was enjoying it…


It was full of cosy places to stay and eat. We ate very ealthy food. Also you can find natural products handmade and local. They are very aware about the importance of health and natural staff for yourself and for the world we live in.


After that we when were Red Mountain is. Amazing place and fabulous colors… in the way to this place we were whacking some giraffes or ostriches or Burritos :-)… ( not catalans by the way) and some another species like zebra …etc


We could hear the baboons at night time…not good idea to leave food outside.


If I thought I was in a Steven Spiellberg movie…that was the area just only we needed some dinosaurus  to be into his real movie. For sure he got inspire around…for sure…



South African Burrito <3.

Photos Dona GB.

Antarctic Trip, Part-11


Broken ice!!!!

Sailing towards the Antarctic sound…was the most extreme noise I ever heard into the special silence you can feel in this sea…

Looks like a terrible thunder in heaven but “on earth”.


Crack—–Crack—-Crack—–Crack CrackCrack…..BooooooooommmmmmmmmmCrack!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is going on after that???….The creation of Big Bang…I don’t know but sounds  fucking sacred imperialistic god’s father sound…..




Here we go!!! arriving to the Argentinian Base Esperanza, Trinity Peninsula. It is one of the only two civilian settlements on Antarctica.

The other being Chilean Villa Las Estrellas.

Here is the Captain of the boat Ms Bremen, Daniel Flenger and Susanne Farné from Switzerland. The best Capitan ever met before…very kind, and full of responsable into the free and good of humor ….the best!!! And he is German :-).




La capilla de Esperanza estación!!  Normally all the bases are militar people even the scientific or the religious pirst are all of them from Military….sounds strange but Antarctic is like this…almost militar style.



This base is built in 1952, the base houses 55 habitats in winter, including 10 families and 2 school teachers.

The base has some measure of fame because it is the birthplace of Emilio Marcos  Palma, the first person to be born in Antarctica.

Can you imagine…? hello Where are you form?, I’m from Antarctica!!! <3.

In this picture you see  facing the pic Benno Lüthi the president of Antarctic Research Trust  he is based in Switzerland.

And the really nice as well Dr. Hulrich Dornsiepen  a german geologist. He was living several years in the catalan Pirineus and I could talk a little about that. :-).





While we had to be two days on board … sailing to Falkland Islands, Islas Malvinas…depend of the side you are with the british or with the Argentinians. And about that I’m not with anyone, too much pressure in both sides.

Wile in the Spanish news Melilla is having problems again with the immigrants who want to get in the border of Europe and Futbol Club Barcelona has some Neymar taxes to pay to the central govern ( is not the UNICEF staff that I had in my mind, from Barça…) and the independent problems still without solution. With the serious problems of Ukraine  and the “N.Korea test-fires missiles” in threaten mood or provocation and the non understandable scandal of Collins in USA “finding a welcome home” because he is gay???? I don’t understand this news sorry…

Between all that  messy crap  I’m finding something that breaks my heart deep deep into the bottom of my heart…

“PACO DE LUCÍA”  had died  on his 66 years old while he was playing in Mexico…<3.

Somebody who understood the music and he could live with passion about that. Like a gift to give to the others.

I feel for him…he changed the traditional flamenco he made “history”…and I like that from people.



While all that was happening…we were having a look  into the ship’s engineer  with all type of explanation how it works works and what we need for survival during 2 weeks at list…

This boat is very aware of recycling the plastics the crystal and the water we use for clean and for the rest…they don’t through away anything to the sea…Ms. Bremen.



We were having a tour with the King of the engineers down stairs. So much noise by the way…but very interesting.


A lot of responsibility to be in, congratulations for being the King…



Photos by me.





Antarctic Trip Part-8

After those amazing views we had party in the boat, in the pool. We were very lucky the weather was the real protagonist to permit us having a really nice cultural events outside and most of our landings.

Tina and other people, well all of us we just were enjoying the German party with  german beer and Bratwurts!!!! ahahhahahahha <3.



Here is Barbara and Christian Rating one of the good Photographers that were on the boat.




We were crossing the Paradise Bay to get to Neko Harbor, I still cannot believe what my eyes are seeing, I am not tired to see that beautiful gift I had every single day again and again.



Neko Harbor is situated on the Eastern end of the  beautiful glacier trimmed Andvord  Bay. It was discovered by Gerlache during his Belgic Expedition. The place was named after the Neko, a Whalining ship, which often stayed in the Bay during 1911-12 and 1923-24.







Michael Poliza again making photos to this magical Bay.





Another super beautiful  baby Gentoo ❤ , when I see them  I forget they  smell 500 meters distance !! ahahhhahahaahha :-). Image


Port Lockroy, 7:00 a.m. Is a natural harbor first discovered by Charcot’s French Antarctic Expedition of 1903-05. It was the first Brithish station in Antarctica, referred to as a Base. The station was occupied continuously  until 1962 and intermittently  thereafter. After years of deterioration the huts have been refurbished with the support of the British Antarctic Heritage Trust and they open annually as a mini museum and gift shop where you can buy souvenirs and mail post cards from there as well.



I love the old fashion magazines …<3. There were many of them. When we were there it were 4 women living and working in Port Lockroy from different nationalities, they spend 6 month a year there. Last season it was 4 men.  They are doing it like this…4 women- 4 men-4 women – 4 men. It could be a different way to make a retread  in hard conditions I have to say instead to be in a Buddhist retreat center warm and comfort enough that you can find in Spain for example.  But who knows could be a different experience in your life.






That was the little and quite museum…with the Quaker oats included. I still eat those ones some times…




Gentoo penguins around the huts.






We passed trough Lemaire-Channel is a narrow passage between the Antarctic Continent and Booth Island was named in 1898 during the Belgic Expedition by Adrien de Gerlache, after the Belgian Governeur in Kongo-Charles Lemaire.



The light was mystic and beautiful in Lemaire Channel short but intense…



We arrived to Petermann-Island only 10 km from the southern entrance of Lemaire Channel lies Petermann Island. Is aprox. 2 km long and 700m wide. Eduard Dallmann first charted the island and named it after a prominent German geologist August Petermann (1822-1874). In the island you can find Gentoo Penguins, Adelies and blue eyed cormorants breeding.




The weather changes super fast and light also looks they are different day but is the same day half an hour after.



There were some Adelie penguins also amazing!!!

Besides the Emperor penguin, the Adelie is the only penguin species to also  breed on the Antarctic continent. It forms clones which can be very large, for instance on Ross Island or Paulet Island. They predominantly feature the colors black and withe. they have a distinctive white ring around the eye. I thought it was a kind of ice blue but they say is withe… The worldwide population amounts to aprox. 20 millions animals. Number of eggs 2 and both parents incubate and take care of the young and after 2-3 weeks, they assemble the chicks in large groups, creches in which they are less exposed to danger than they would be alone in their nests. Like this both parents can head out in searching food.



Views form Petermann Island…



Photos by Dona GB.