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Learning how to shoot in Cape Town – dealing with survival in the world.

In Cape Town and Africa in general is the place where I felt a really strong energy comparing to Europe for survival. You becoming more sensitive to the animal world and see the things from another point of view.The world wasn’t save but Europe was for me.Now Is not that safety anymore and you can see how vulnerability can be the human being after what is happening in our society

Even the barbies can end into a cake for being eaten. And this is the reality…my reality in South Africa.

I was with my grandfather learning how to shoot shotguns just for sport on his competition, I was very little but he was always taking me there on weekends, he taught  me how to make cartridge in a recycle way I had a lot of fun looking one of his passions.

And now I realise this is a serious way or option on life if you want to take it for survival is very serious…don’t play with this just be ready…for it.

My grandfather was very serious about all this things and he passed his knowledge to me, looks very simple but is the consequence of life, being ready for this life.

And I’m against war…


Birthday party of a beautiful dancer  in Cape Town.

Dona GB.


Magical moment in Montevideo Beach

Montevideo has an espectacular beach. Sometimes reminds me to Cape Town beach, South Africa





You can run, you can have a walk is long long long beach. Beautiful.





At the weekends is full of people walking all along the beach it could be an european City, but is Montevideo :-P.




This part of Montevideo’s beach reminds me to La concha de Sant Sebastian, Spain.Image




Magic Montevideo what you are trying to telling me with this beautiful picture photo  in the sky??