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Learning how to shoot in Cape Town – dealing with survival in the world.

In Cape Town and Africa in general is the place where I felt a really strong energy comparing to Europe for survival. You becoming more sensitive to the animal world and see the things from another point of view.The world wasn’t save but Europe was for me.Now Is not that safety anymore and you can see how vulnerability can be the human being after what is happening in our society

Even the barbies can end into a cake for being eaten. And this is the reality…my reality in South Africa.

I was with my grandfather learning how to shoot shotguns just for sport on his competition, I was very little but he was always taking me there on weekends, he taught  me how to make cartridge in a recycle way I had a lot of fun looking one of his passions.

And now I realise this is a serious way or option on life if you want to take it for survival is very serious…don’t play with this just be ready…for it.

My grandfather was very serious about all this things and he passed his knowledge to me, looks very simple but is the consequence of life, being ready for this life.

And I’m against war…


Birthday party of a beautiful dancer  in Cape Town.

Dona GB.


Antarctic Trip Part-7

5:30 a.m  the sunrise appears and we arriving to Danco Island at 9:00 a.m. We were passing trough Errera Cahnnel between Rongé Island and the west coast of Graham Land. It was discovered  by the belgian  Antarctic Expedition, 1897-1899, under Adrien de Gerlache, who named this feature for Leo Errera, ( looks spanish if it was Herrera..:-P) a professor of the university  of Brussels and a member of the Belgica Commission. It is a very scenic passage, as you can see on my pics, amazing sensations…



And it was a sunny day, we were lucky in almost all the trip, thanks!!!



Here are Gentoo Penguins changing his feathers, they don’t move too much they do not  feel much comfortable in the process.




This is a part of the Penguin Highway. Who are the Penguins here…the humans???…or the penguins…?




The female lays 2 eggs weighing approx. 130gr following an incubation period of 35 days in which both parents are actively involved, the young hatch. The  chicks are initially  looked after and sheltered by both parents in turn. After four to five weeks, they assemble in large groups, called creches.  There they are  well  protected from giant petrels and skuas, so that both parents can head out in search of food at the same time. In the southern breeding areas, the  young go out to sea at 62-82 days, versus 85 to 117 days in the  northern breeding areas… / Like in New York the Harry up for everything OMG!!!! no siesta!!! at all!!




These are Antarctic birds Skuas…




Danco Island or Isla Dedo is 1 nautical  mile ( 2km) long lying in the southern part of Errera Channel, off the west coast of Graham Land. It was charted by the belgian Antarctic expedition under Adrien de Gerlache, 1897-1899. Danco Island was  surveyed  by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survay from the Norsel in 1955, and named by the UK Antartctic Place-names Committee for Emile Danco (1869.1898), a Belgian geophysics  and member of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, who died on board the Belgica in the Antarctic .


I thought I was alone…I was hearing the silent in a somer day companying  with a beautiful views.

Tom Jacobi caught this moment…he caught my moment in a beautiful photo…that calls art….of feelings <3.


Photo by Tom Jacobi.


Weeeeeee!! here are the Girls of the expedition!!  Elgin, Katharina tom’s wife, Me, Tom and Marlies Michael Poiza’s wife,  beautiful day..


Photo by Tom Jacobi’s partner.




Ms Bremen always with us…





Gentoo screaming, I Should ask why they are doing this to  Dr. Klemens Pütz  our scientific of   penguins on board, :-).



Penguin’s Highway .



To get to Danco Island via Channel Errera is like a Museum of Icebergs amazing route of ice monuments!!!!



Photos by Dona GB.


Antarctic Trip

Day 1, flying from Cape Town- South Africa to Argentina-Buenos Aires. I’m interrupting my modeling work in the amazing summer starting in South Africa to get to the coldest summer ever- other wise most of the expedition could not survive- in Antarctic :-). Someone did some polar expeditions in winter time…but most of them were from the north of Europe in 1901 Robert F. Scott, with Discovery for example or Ernest Henry Shackleton. They were adventure people opening new ways of life.

It was an especial and amazing opportunity to not being missed it. That was a heaven gift as I decided to enjoy it, “Thank you Mr. M”.

That was the Michael Poliza Experiences” a magical trip.
He becomes the expeditions as a real safety adventure for people who wants to discover and learn new motivations in their lives.
He is a very known Photographer in Germany and all over most of the continents for his amazing pictures on his adventure trips in Africa, Antarctic, Arctic, Australia etc…


We arrived one day before  the trip started, staying in hotel La Faena next to the port of Buenos Aires.


We started with a cocktel at the afternoon to know all the passengers  we were going to stay with, during 2 weeks on the boat.


At the next day, day 2,from Buenos Aires we took a flight to Ushuaia at morning time with all the passengers, we were 75-80 more or less plus the Michael Poliza organization.  They were in charge to take the luggage for more flexibility in the preparation functions, the day before and taking care with all the passports and staff…

Here is the Pilot!! I suppose he is argentinian. He is drinking his early morning Mâte…like me :-).




Starting to see Ushuaia at the landing moment. Beautiful and exacting day.



As I heard from people who is been living for a wile in Ushuaia,  they have a ski station not much big but it works. Most of people who frequent the ski station are local argentinians or brazilians that they come to visit and see the snow.



We had a time to walk in Town  to get also all the last minute needs for the trip and enjoy the food and the ambient.

The last stop of civilization :-).



Ushuaia is a mix, between mountain village and a port twon.


Photos by Dona GB

At the afternoon we were making the embarkation  on Mv Bremen. One of the most safest boats sailing in antarctic seas. it was making an introduction of Michael Poliza and his Team, and  the Mandatory Life Drill for all the passengers according to the international SOLAS (Safety Of Life At the Sea). Also we had a Zodiac briefing for all guests through our Chief Officer Petra Müllensiefen.

In this trip I’m ready to listen all kind of  photography tips. I’m in between great artists in all senses…and the motivation is a 100% to learn something beautiful !!!.
























Gauchos /Country side from Salto-Uruguay

They are special…they are very quite… they drink mate of course..not like me :-P, they doing it  better and stronger!!! yay!



 I love the caps and hats that they wear on the field. 

It’s all about hats.





Hat girl and the boy is drinking Mate, its very common to see people drinking Mate outdoors.

Boys and men wear a hat very similar to the País Vasco. (North of Spain)
They are also well known for the Horses and  Polo. 











That’s some Gauchos houses they normally  are living  in “las Estancias”where they work.  


This is the Mate paradise …you know?…<3.



And Paella time!!!! 

Also here!! I’m happy!! yeahhhhhh. And it looks very delicious. With friends, family anjoyng nature.

My friend took  me here, amazing place for Sundays!!!

Photos by me.