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Two arts by two brothers with a lot of light in New York City.

Opening a light space for the enlightened people.



Amazing picture by Sergio de Luz.

I was Dona de Luz for one day such an amazing day. It was writing on the tickets I had booked “for Dona de Luz”. 🙂

 We were watching The Four Seasons,  one of my favorites compositors, Giuseppe Verdi in David. H. Theater Lincoln Center. It could be as big as Liceu from Barcelona. Beautiful theater in New York. 


 I was the sister for one day  of Sergio de Luz, good friend and really  good photographer and Joaquin de Luz, one of the principal dancers of New York City Ballet.

 Such an amazing brothers  what did the parents gave them for eat? 

 They have success in developing art and I know is difficult but they just do it.

Made in Spain both.  Their grandfather was really  deeply involved in bullfighting culture another art if you take it as a philosophy. 

My  father is from Sevilla and this summer I tried to understand about it very much. I have part of this culture not much but enough and I toke it as a philosophy of life. That’s the good part of that culture. They are good skills for me I believe.



They bring the Light everywhere they go you see the light in both of them.  Joaquin more nature  in body expression and Sergio more Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde searching the beauty on him and on the others!! 

How many times Sergio is telling me,” you are fantastic on photos”  ( which I never believe it until I see them!! ) he is great. And personal, I like that.

I love their art expression.

They bring me light that’s the point  that’s the positive thing from them. 


 By Sergio de Luz.




By Sergio de Luz 

Like this is how Sergio sees his brother, Joaquin de Luz,  there is nothing else than beauty around.




Joaquin de Luz  in everywhere with the dance. 






He has chosen a very hard race and very beautiful at the same time. He has come so far, it was worth it, the years of discipline and sacrifice.




Here is Sergio de Luz






Sergio de Luz, self-portrait as the great painters. He will go  farther as the  speed light.




Before class, before class, before class…Sergio I’m thinking to take some ballet class.

Your brother and her girlfriend just inspire me.

And I remember when I was little I started ballet as many of them

and now I think I miss home if I had one and I go back to my childhood.

 I appreciate the  ‘Art of Ballet’. It would help me to develop my skills for what I want to become in my life.

 ‘For ballet does not attempt to recreate or imitate the movements of real life. Ballet attempts to create an illusion.

In ballet, we have the illusion of line: that the human body can be held, and can move, in one continuous, coordinated, pleasing line. We have the illusion of aplomb: that the dancer no matter what he is doing, maintains  complete poise, control and imperturbability; he makes everything look easy. We have the illusion of majesty and grandeur: that by this very stance and movements the dancer has ennobled the human body. And we have the illusion of weightlessness: ballet is in many respects, an aerial art. For ballet refuses  to give in to gravity. ‘