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My Holy moment, running in New York City

Here I am

It’s around 7’00 a.m?

I’m very sleepy. But at list the work out is done  and I can start the day well and I feel free then :-).

I like to feel that the city rises. It is very quite 

It’s a holy moment for me…and then starts the day in New York.Image

Near Hudson River.

the sun first touch New Jersey. I love the colors




How can it be possible I’m so close from my spiritual parents…Patty Smith and Bruce Springsteen are from the other side of the river. They both are from New Jersey. 

I was 14 years old and his songs were in my head and in my heart. My first concert in Barcelona I remember very well, my mother gave me 4.000 pts!!!! OMG!! long time now,  we have Euros!!!. Her songs came later to me…

And now I’m  super close from them <3.





And running until the end



People normally don’t recycle here in New York which I found it very strange at the beginning when I arrived.

United States is one of the places where people has very high levels of consume if you compare with Europe

And then people who lives on the street advantage to recycle and with that they earn  some money. 



A normal day in New York. Not all the private systems  or  pure capitalism  always work well. 

But in another hand it push you to do things by your own. Not always is bad and not always is good. 

Like everything on life.

I’m lucky to be born in Europe I like my mentality  so I hope people take care of it.  Because now is getting worse and we are not ready to fight like NewYorkers or Africa or China.