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Prince Albert and Red Mountain – South Africa

Well here we go again with more adventures in South Africa Flying to one of the closest airports to Prince Albert town, Oudtshoorn.


Depend of the area in South Africa is not good if you are in the country side to drive when the sun goes down , you are exposed to all type of danger it can be animal or some human risks . So it was a bit late and close to sundown we needed to cross the mountains to get to Prince Albert. We drove in a rented car almost alone through all the way that was really impressive thinking about what could us happened that night. finally we arrived in a good condition.


Nice and gentle town. Quite mixed. People super Chill nothing aggressive I was enjoying it…


It was full of cosy places to stay and eat. We ate very ealthy food. Also you can find natural products handmade and local. They are very aware about the importance of health and natural staff for yourself and for the world we live in.


After that we when were Red Mountain is. Amazing place and fabulous colors… in the way to this place we were whacking some giraffes or ostriches or Burritos :-)… ( not catalans by the way) and some another species like zebra …etc


We could hear the baboons at night time…not good idea to leave food outside.


If I thought I was in a Steven Spiellberg movie…that was the area just only we needed some dinosaurus  to be into his real movie. For sure he got inspire around…for sure…



South African Burrito <3.

Photos Dona GB.


Antarctic Trip Part-2

We started  to sailing to  Cape Horn- Caleta León when the night was coming up with a beautiful full moon.

In the Picture passing Beagle Channel getting out from Ushuaia.




The Cape Horn is not exactly a cape, but an island on the southernmost tip of South America- Isla de Hornos. It was discovered and named in 1616 by 2 Dutch sailors, Jacques Le Marie and Willem Schouten.  They  later named the Cape after his hometown, Hoorn. For 300 years all major sea-routes led around the cape.  Up to the beginning of this century apron. 15.000 sailors lost their lives here. Since 1843 Cape Horn belongs to Chile. After the opening of the Panamá Canal, the route around Cape Horn has lost its importance.

6:00 a.m arrival time at Caleta León the Zodiacs are ready for the operation.  We have have all the necessary equipment to succeed, no matter men or women are very competent in doing their job.  My eyes are half closed and I have not had breakfastyet.

I’m hungry…I’m not a human being when I have nothing  in my stomach  :-P.




Caleta León- is the name of the bay near the cape, suitable for a landing.

There lives which is responsible for maintaining the meteorological  station manned by the Chilean Army.  He has a wife a son and a Dog. The 3 of them are  those who leave  permanently in the  island.



This poem was in one of the monuments erected on top for the Cape Horniers  with  a modern  sculpture of an Albatross.

Soy el albatroz que te espera

el el final del mundo

soy el alma olvidada de los marineros muertos

que cruzaron el cabo de Hornos

desde todos los mares de la tierra

pero ellos no murieron

en las furiosas olas

hoy vuelan en mis alas

hacia la eternidad

en la última grieta

de los vientos antárticos.

Sara Vial- December 1992.


Going up to the top of the island we found  two amazing photographers from our expedition,  Michael  in charge of the organization and Tom Jacobi on the back, he is another impresionan  creative artist with a beautiful wife inside and outside.




OMG!!! once I was up in the lighthouse, I couldn’t believe what I saw!!!! An independent catalan flag!!! and we were mostly at the end of the world….The only I could think about this phenomenon  happening in this moment of my life it was ” no matter were you are,  you cannot scape anywhere to forget the problems that you have in your life”. What it matters to me is that people brings their  ideals so far end that got stock with no evolution.  I’m catalán girl born in Barcelona and also I’m Spanish. But I want to be from the world not from a little minuscule portion from the world. And i love my culture. But I love what the world brings to me.




Here is not all…also the son was wearing a Força Barça sport cothing!!! OMG!!!! ahahahahhahah My mind was taking me back to my childhood…

This is a beautiful wooden Cahpel – Capilla Stella- Maris.





Inside of the  lighthouse there were all type of flags, Spanish of course, Mañicos Zaragozaaa!!!! Cool remembers from Fiesta del Pilar. Guys sorry but spanish  parties are amazing…:-).




The vegetation is almost like this because of the winds.



Caleta León <3.


Photos by  Dona GB.

It will continue…