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MOCAA Cape Town Opening Event.

Opening celebration with many different african designers…

I was wearing an Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Gala dress for that day. I thought was very appropriate for this event and I enjoyed a lot.

A major new cultural institution is being created in the historic Grain Silo at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. It is called Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) in honour of the renowned Zeitz Collection, that will form the museum’s founding collection, and the support of Jochen Zeitz of the programming and acquisition funds.

That was a great day a beautiful Gala with very interesting people from Africa-South Africa and from all over the world.

Thank you Mark Semonian, Thank you Jochen Zeitz.

MOOCA Cape Town





What’s New York for me since I left

It’s been an image of the 50’s…It was the first time I saw the first concept of New York.

King Kong Movie. It was impacted on my mind, how could be possible an animal feel that sensitive Love.

Was a shock to my mind, it looks like an animal  feels much more for  a woman than the humans by  the planes. That’s what I thought … because I was focus in the animal’s feelings  not  into the fear of humans beings to this event.

This is the starting point of the communication problem of humanity.

It was fiction but is a philosophy I believe in order to understand some mistakes we make everyday  as a humans beings in our understanding .


Before I came also I had the romantic idea on my mind that New York is a City of dreams because of the old american movies.

They want come true actually trying to reincarnate as a real humans.  Like showing what Love can be or how can become real as a romantic therm using the Hollywood actors.

But you realize that’s not true almost. There is not perfect idea. Even the person who comes pretty close  to it.


And then after all that,  comes the reality of broken dreams all transported with street art.


Andy Warhol influences everywhere.

I saw this graffiti walking down the High line. This is in everywhere. You see a magazine about New York and  you can find it.  You know?… is street art.


At list there are colors on art but not on clothing unfortunately.

There are no colors in the clothing dressed  by newyorkers. Everything is a gray scale.

Everywhere you go, every activity you do, is a therapy for yourself. Because you cannot communicate with your people. With the people you have around you. Who is close to you.

Then you can find a group you don’t know at all and then they explain you their problems openly.  Like the movie I went to see of Boody  Allen, Jasmin  Blue.

Even the neighbors  are strangers to you. But eventually explode and then they  need therapy group.

We born in a world to  have a good  social and communicative relationships I think.

New York is a city of survivors in social relations and  very individual. That’s the focus of the problem.

But still fascinates me.