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MOCAA Cape Town Opening Event.

Opening celebration with many different african designers…

I was wearing an Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Gala dress for that day. I thought was very appropriate for this event and I enjoyed a lot.

A major new cultural institution is being created in the historic Grain Silo at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. It is called Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) in honour of the renowned Zeitz Collection, that will form the museum’s founding collection, and the support of Jochen Zeitz of the programming and acquisition funds.

That was a great day a beautiful Gala with very interesting people from Africa-South Africa and from all over the world.

Thank you Mark Semonian, Thank you Jochen Zeitz.

MOOCA Cape Town




Learning how to shoot in Cape Town – dealing with survival in the world.

In Cape Town and Africa in general is the place where I felt a really strong energy comparing to Europe for survival. You becoming more sensitive to the animal world and see the things from another point of view.The world wasn’t save but Europe was for me.Now Is not that safety anymore and you can see how vulnerability can be the human being after what is happening in our society

Even the barbies can end into a cake for being eaten. And this is the reality…my reality in South Africa.

I was with my grandfather learning how to shoot shotguns just for sport on his competition, I was very little but he was always taking me there on weekends, he taught  me how to make cartridge in a recycle way I had a lot of fun looking one of his passions.

And now I realise this is a serious way or option on life if you want to take it for survival is very serious…don’t play with this just be ready…for it.

My grandfather was very serious about all this things and he passed his knowledge to me, looks very simple but is the consequence of life, being ready for this life.

And I’m against war…


Birthday party of a beautiful dancer  in Cape Town.

Dona GB.

Prince Albert and Red Mountain – South Africa

Well here we go again with more adventures in South Africa Flying to one of the closest airports to Prince Albert town, Oudtshoorn.


Depend of the area in South Africa is not good if you are in the country side to drive when the sun goes down , you are exposed to all type of danger it can be animal or some human risks . So it was a bit late and close to sundown we needed to cross the mountains to get to Prince Albert. We drove in a rented car almost alone through all the way that was really impressive thinking about what could us happened that night. finally we arrived in a good condition.


Nice and gentle town. Quite mixed. People super Chill nothing aggressive I was enjoying it…


It was full of cosy places to stay and eat. We ate very ealthy food. Also you can find natural products handmade and local. They are very aware about the importance of health and natural staff for yourself and for the world we live in.


After that we when were Red Mountain is. Amazing place and fabulous colors… in the way to this place we were whacking some giraffes or ostriches or Burritos :-)… ( not catalans by the way) and some another species like zebra …etc


We could hear the baboons at night time…not good idea to leave food outside.


If I thought I was in a Steven Spiellberg movie…that was the area just only we needed some dinosaurus  to be into his real movie. For sure he got inspire around…for sure…



South African Burrito <3.

Photos Dona GB.

Flying through Big Hole- Northern Cape – South Africa

The Big hole is in Kimberley called as well Kimberley Mine, in South Africa.

From 1871 to 1917. At about 6 o’ clock a.m everyday the workers queued in single file and trundled down the shafts and into the underground mine. There,  they collected cocopan loads of the blue ground (Kimberlite ore) that had been liberated  through  the blasting of the chamber walls.

The tunnels were insufferably hot and the loads heavy. The working day anded at 6 p.m and the workers returned to their compounds.


IMG_5104_2 IMG_5111

 On the way to the Big Hole we needed to add more gasoline and  we could see from the air how a Mine is with this type of shape. All the sand they take off form one place and they have to put in another. 

Here is Daniel Aeschlimann  taking a picture. 


And as a result this kind of scene is created in the air…. 


 Photos Dona GB. 



Biscuit Mill – Cape Town on Saturdays

It’s curious how people we  need to socialize in this type of places. 

It’s a super cool  place you can enjoy the food from all the places from all over the world whom coexist in South Africa. 

You can find dutch cakes or sidra form I don’t know were or house made beer or french- south africans wines or empanadas form argentina or oriental  food or now you can find paella as well. Also there is a lot of bio- ecological food and products. 

Music as well in a very alternative and chill mood and clothing. 

All the necessary to make the saturday brunch in Biscuit mills….

Also you can find your friend here some lovers as well they come to meet up some girls or boys as well. 

Everybody  is here in saturday midday so at the end you realize Cape Town is a village that everybody knows each other.


I went to ask for tea..they just had coffe from everywhere…


Hanging out in Biscuit mill very fashionable…<3.  




I did this pic from a friend’s house It’s located after Camps Bay in Cape Town, you can see Lion’s Head is one of his views I love to climb it specially at 6.00 a.m when the sun is not strong!!! good  walk up there. 

Here is the link of his place….



Photos by Dona GB.

Plettengberg-South Africa


Form Cape Town  is relative close if you go by plain is a good place and beautiful nature to see around south Africa. 

Amazing time!!!  and views 


Is the first time I saw this type of caws with this horns…



In the loge we were, we could run around to the area with no danger for finding some salvage animals around…I think…in Africa you never know…


It could be the costa Brava but is not…the sea is not the Mediterranean sea…but it was a cute beach. 


Photos by Dona GB

Beryl Markham – A gift to my eyes of Africa

That book was a treasure as a gift. The person that gave me this as a gift saw something similar on me?  Or maybe could understand the life in Kenia- Africa from a woman point of view ?

I don’t know maybe some real woman to get inspire with.

I could not imagine how is Africa for a woman like her. In those  hard  places to live in.

She starts living  in Kenia with her father at 4 years old form London.  I never been to Kenia but because of her I would like to se all that places that she was in and also to feel what happens to ply with a similar plain around that area…


beryl-markham-west-with-the-night.-Cartel-color1 images


The  father of Beryl Markham is watching  how his daughter is taking control of her airoplain and say  goodbye with his hand outside of his home, she came to vista him…they live in Kenya he is 64 years old and instead of saying  he is old and need to rest…he says to her, he wants to go to South Africa he likes Durban and he can do a lot about horses…

the culture of british people was about racing horses even if South Africa is  almost Dutch there is a lot of influence about horses that’s why exist all that type of horses events and festivals and Polo games!! This time not Spanish dancing Horses just british style.

Hard woman and and intense life super adventure ….amazing survival, and shows that there is not difference between woman and men. Women are strong in Kenya.

Some day i will go and I’ll see.

Dona GB

Castings In Cape Town – South Africa

Castings in Cape Town you can find this type of beautiful daughters from some models that they are having the season as well.

I like that style I have to say everything is more Chill.

And you can make your life…as you need to do it at the moment. Another type of life, another type of way. Their way…


She is having the summer in Cape Town with her mami going to castings with her and learn to dress proper…

Love it..


Umlani – Krüger – South Africa

From Cape Town to Krüger, is not an easy fly as a know now. All depend of the weather, it can be a lovely day and immediately turned into a nightmare storm where you can not see anything and start to believe in angles and God up in the sky.

First of all you need to check  the wheels and all the machinery of the plain if you don’t have to have an extra surprise.

And this trip I was in charge of the wheels but I needed some help, 🙂


Photo by Daniel Aeaschlimann

The four of us flying  but I had an urgen needs to get to the toilet and I couldn’t make it 4-5 hours and I didn’t want to make it in a bottle sorry I’m still a lady? I don’t really know what I am but I couldn’t  make it. :-/. So I was the only one who had this need I drank to much water!!!

They make an emergency landing in the middle of no where.



Photo by Dona G.B

Finally we arrive to the destination.


Photo By Daniel Aeschlimann

Four of us sleeping that night in the house tree with no light no water nothing we needed to bring everything with us and get lucky if no lions or any kind of animals staying over that night with us.  6:00 a.m, We need to get ready to see the lions, leopards, elephants..etc.



Photo by Dona GB.


We were eating and sleeping in one special and simple loge in Umlani- Krüger, very hippy stile simple and relaxing one. Good and simple food all we needed. All basic staff but good. For me the best to enjoy in that moment.

Our way back to Cape Town was really bad whether we could not see the sky for an hour everything was withe and mist…