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Jack Garfein – shearing a workshop with him.

Jack Garfein survived imprisonment at Auschwitz and came to the United States at the end of World War II. He was born in Mukacevo, Carpathian Ruthenia, Czechoslovakia, now Mukacheve, Ukraine. He is 84 years old and travels from Paris where he lives and also teaches to New York to do this workshops for students…like me…

I had the opportunity to be in one of his workshops in New York and it was fantastic he is still alive there is no age at all on him.

I had a good experience like life is not easy but you are walking everyday.

Jack Garfein, New York

He is still a live…

Photo by Dona GB


Two important Men and a Woman



Photo by Mark Semonian Charles Summerfield with Jess Levy most of the time she is singing with him on the choirs

In Cape Town we use to go to See Charles Summerfield & the URJ, They are amazing.

He is from Zimbabwe  originally but he is living with all his family in South Africa- Cape Town.

He is playing with his band in most of all music festival in Zimbabwe and Mozanbique and South Africa he is in every where. Everybody knows Charles Summerfield.


Photo by Dona GB.

Charles Summerfield after  an opening restaurant in the port,  Seelan  Restaruant in Cape Town with Mark Semonian who make music in my life right now.