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Learning how to shoot in Cape Town – dealing with survival in the world.

In Cape Town and Africa in general is the place where I felt a really strong energy comparing to Europe for survival. You becoming more sensitive to the animal world and see the things from another point of view.The world wasn’t save but Europe was for me.Now Is not that safety anymore and you can see how vulnerability can be the human being after what is happening in our society

Even the barbies can end into a cake for being eaten. And this is the reality…my reality in South Africa.

I was with my grandfather learning how to shoot shotguns just for sport on his competition, I was very little but he was always taking me there on weekends, he taught  me how to make cartridge in a recycle way I had a lot of fun looking one of his passions.

And now I realise this is a serious way or option on life if you want to take it for survival is very serious…don’t play with this just be ready…for it.

My grandfather was very serious about all this things and he passed his knowledge to me, looks very simple but is the consequence of life, being ready for this life.

And I’m against war…


Birthday party of a beautiful dancer  in Cape Town.

Dona GB.


Flying through Big Hole- Northern Cape – South Africa

The Big hole is in Kimberley called as well Kimberley Mine, in South Africa.

From 1871 to 1917. At about 6 o’ clock a.m everyday the workers queued in single file and trundled down the shafts and into the underground mine. There,  they collected cocopan loads of the blue ground (Kimberlite ore) that had been liberated  through  the blasting of the chamber walls.

The tunnels were insufferably hot and the loads heavy. The working day anded at 6 p.m and the workers returned to their compounds.


IMG_5104_2 IMG_5111

 On the way to the Big Hole we needed to add more gasoline and  we could see from the air how a Mine is with this type of shape. All the sand they take off form one place and they have to put in another. 

Here is Daniel Aeschlimann  taking a picture. 


And as a result this kind of scene is created in the air…. 


 Photos Dona GB. 



Le Petit Tarte – Cape Town / South Africa

Le Petit Tarte is a small and cute place it seems to me between french (because of the name) or dutch, and a bit of britsh as well it has a mix, which I like it a lot. I mean German and Dutch people they know how to make cakes as I like it.


And the place is so beautiful I like it a lot I come sometimes to write notes or my thoughts…


Photos by Dona GB.


Africa – Namibia

Wolwedans is a nature reserve very deserted zone where a shadow has more valuable than gold. Many animals share the shade from a tree to the point of mixing and share and share it with dead animals sometimes…



Namibia has an important part of desert with a tremendous beauty inner…the colors of the nature are incredibly together in beauty.




Here is the lodge where we were, Wolwedans has several lodges, here up from the sky looks little little…




Views from the camp …and from the room. You could see the stars at night.





Photos by Dona.


Africa – Botswana

Here we go in Okavango Delta, watching how the lions are hunting…they don’t see us as a thing to eat, they see us as a huge metal thing…but if you get out from the car…you need to pray then…

Africa has this survive state of mine. We come from the earth, from the most  basic instinct to survive is another type of energy that grows inside of us very stick in the grown. The europeans have this energy but we forgot building something  close to the divinity ideal of life and spiritual religions.

Once you are in Africa you realize your life is vulnerable, that your life in danger depending on you and your circumstances of life in the most grown energy of the earth nothing to compare the bobble we create in Europe with  no danger and preoccupation feeling about your life.




The vision of a  lion…



Antarctic Trip, Part-13

In Falkland Islands we stopped in New Island -Isla de Goicoechea, it is 238 km form Stanley and is 13 km long. The highest point is 226 meters. Long used as a base for whaling, as a sheep farm.

New Island is considerate by some to be one of the most beautiful Island of Falkland archipelago, as well as having possibly the most diverse range of wildlife in the region. It is a nature reserve stablished by Ian Strange in 1972.




Just arriving to the island we had the welcome of this type of birth…he wasn’t afraid of human beings..super strange…he was trying to fine something shiny and bling bling to take it away… It can be a blackish Cinclodes or Imperial Shags or Straited Caracaras …I’m not sure.


It was a hot day after all the frizzing trip… some of the people toke off their coats…to walk around.



Yeahhhh- finally we found the Southern Rockhopper Penguins!!! They remind me to fraggle rock cartons animal!!!  <3.




Red eyes  and not much big, 2.5 kg. The breeding grounds are located a 100 meters  above to the level to the sea. The population of these artistic climbers who are able to manage these  heights without effort is estimated to be abut 1 million. They lay two eggs.




And we found staying and sharing the breeding a lot of balck browed- Albatross

The entire breeding cycle, from egg-laying to becoming full-fledged, lasts 6-7 months.




In the falkland Island and in the most sub- Antarctic islands we can find the smaller black- browed albatross. The feathers on the bird’s back are light gray to black in color, where as a dark stripe on the otherwise white- feathered  head distinguishes this species for classification.




The island is a largely vegetated with grasses; there are no trees, thought shrubs have been introduced. There are no native land mammals since the extinct Falkland islands Wolf, or Warrah, was exterminated there. They have rabbits as well but I couldn’t see any..:-(.




Int he picture we have Dr. Klemens Pütz a is a scientific penguinologist and director of Antarctic Research Trust. We discover he was the most macho procreator from the human begin spaces in the boat  explained in a lecture about the reproduction law or something like this by  Dr. Oliver Krüger. Very interesting lecture; they were saying that who had most longest  ring finger as a man they have a lot of testosterone and they are able to procreate better, but not explained with those words of course.



I have to say it was a beautiful day…There are 2 people living in the island..british ones…and they told us 2 days ago there was a bad weather and it was that bad that the last Norwegian boat that came it had like about 15meters of weaves ( I don’t know if I could believe that is a lot…:-O) and they couldn’t land in some place.And the most we had maybe were 3-5 meters? as bad…



Photos by me.


Antarctic Trip, Part-12

Falkland Islands, East.

Arriving to Stanley Harbour, is the only true city in the Falkland Islands.  At the 2006 census, the city had a population of 2,115.

Of course Penguin’s Press I love that concept we are in the penguin’s land…<3. At list these British people have a quite sense of humor, far away from its roots…:-).

Falkland  Pound, 1 FKP= 1,20€ or 1,66 USD

And Credit cards are accepted in most places.




Photo by Mark Semonian.


There are three churches including the Anglican Christ Church Cathedral, the southernmost cathedral in the world.

I feel comfortable inside of those churches there is not much luxury on it. A place to pray doesn’t need that much. Perhaps in others lives I was anglican, who knows…

And that sculpture is a whalebone arch.

Standley has 4 pubs, eleven hotels & guesthouses and three restaurants.



Prof. Dr. Wilfried Korth, he is like a rock he is the Ice Man, his field  are the icebergs on this trip and other things of course as a scientific. He is been in Polar expeditions following other  past expeditions  in the history trying to discover more thinks about the  investigation of ice. If it wasn’t because of the penguin in the little bag- if you change it into your imagination  with a red cross on it he could be a templar cavalier  of the middle age…




Photos by Dona GB.

Antarctic Trip, Part-11


Broken ice!!!!

Sailing towards the Antarctic sound…was the most extreme noise I ever heard into the special silence you can feel in this sea…

Looks like a terrible thunder in heaven but “on earth”.


Crack—–Crack—-Crack—–Crack CrackCrack…..BooooooooommmmmmmmmmCrack!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is going on after that???….The creation of Big Bang…I don’t know but sounds  fucking sacred imperialistic god’s father sound…..




Here we go!!! arriving to the Argentinian Base Esperanza, Trinity Peninsula. It is one of the only two civilian settlements on Antarctica.

The other being Chilean Villa Las Estrellas.

Here is the Captain of the boat Ms Bremen, Daniel Flenger and Susanne Farné from Switzerland. The best Capitan ever met before…very kind, and full of responsable into the free and good of humor ….the best!!! And he is German :-).




La capilla de Esperanza estación!!  Normally all the bases are militar people even the scientific or the religious pirst are all of them from Military….sounds strange but Antarctic is like this…almost militar style.



This base is built in 1952, the base houses 55 habitats in winter, including 10 families and 2 school teachers.

The base has some measure of fame because it is the birthplace of Emilio Marcos  Palma, the first person to be born in Antarctica.

Can you imagine…? hello Where are you form?, I’m from Antarctica!!! <3.

In this picture you see  facing the pic Benno Lüthi the president of Antarctic Research Trust  he is based in Switzerland.

And the really nice as well Dr. Hulrich Dornsiepen  a german geologist. He was living several years in the catalan Pirineus and I could talk a little about that. :-).





While we had to be two days on board … sailing to Falkland Islands, Islas Malvinas…depend of the side you are with the british or with the Argentinians. And about that I’m not with anyone, too much pressure in both sides.

Wile in the Spanish news Melilla is having problems again with the immigrants who want to get in the border of Europe and Futbol Club Barcelona has some Neymar taxes to pay to the central govern ( is not the UNICEF staff that I had in my mind, from Barça…) and the independent problems still without solution. With the serious problems of Ukraine  and the “N.Korea test-fires missiles” in threaten mood or provocation and the non understandable scandal of Collins in USA “finding a welcome home” because he is gay???? I don’t understand this news sorry…

Between all that  messy crap  I’m finding something that breaks my heart deep deep into the bottom of my heart…

“PACO DE LUCÍA”  had died  on his 66 years old while he was playing in Mexico…<3.

Somebody who understood the music and he could live with passion about that. Like a gift to give to the others.

I feel for him…he changed the traditional flamenco he made “history”…and I like that from people.



While all that was happening…we were having a look  into the ship’s engineer  with all type of explanation how it works works and what we need for survival during 2 weeks at list…

This boat is very aware of recycling the plastics the crystal and the water we use for clean and for the rest…they don’t through away anything to the sea…Ms. Bremen.



We were having a tour with the King of the engineers down stairs. So much noise by the way…but very interesting.


A lot of responsibility to be in, congratulations for being the King…



Photos by me.





Antarctic Trip, Part-10

Antarctic Sound….Crushing….the ice???…not yet….

The Antarctic Sound ( I love everything that sound music, is my passion) is a body of water about 48 km long and 11 to 19 km wide, separating the Joinville Island group from the northeast end of Antarctic Peninsula, and leading to the Weddell Sea. The sound was  named by the Swedish Antarctic Expedition under  Otto Nordenskjöld for the expedition ship Antarctic which, in 1902 under the command of Carl Anton Larsen was the first vessel to navigate. And it is known for its tabular icebergs which are floating with the current up north….amazing figures never seen before in real!!!! <3.

This Iceberg is quite new….



Ms. Bremen in trouble???….no…



Arriving to Brown Bluff, Tabarin Island




Brown Bulff, Tabarin Island, the 745 m high cliff




More babies Gentoo penguins I really like them even if they smell super bad…:-/… They are so curios…




Axel with his paddle board  in Antarctic!!!!!  is not an easy place for the conditions and the predators there is the most aggressive one, The leopard Seal!!!

He was with security with a Zodiac and Michael Poliza making photos of course…




An Adelie mother penguin trying to feet her kid…:-).




Getting to the cliff..




On the way trip to this Island wile Axel was doing paddle board we found the Leopard Seal. I heard that one of those early years a scientific woman was snorkeling into those waters or around …and she wasn’t lucky to find a Leopard seal,  she had over 48 bits more or less…her body was destroyed…sorry for say that…this is the life…on earth..

Don’t trust them…



The 745 m high cliff dominates a panoramic view.



Photos by Dona

Be continue…