What’s New York for me since I left

It’s been an image of the 50’s…It was the first time I saw the first concept of New York.

King Kong Movie. It was impacted on my mind, how could be possible an animal feel that sensitive Love.

Was a shock to my mind, it looks like an animal  feels much more for  a woman than the humans by  the planes. That’s what I thought … because I was focus in the animal’s feelings  not  into the fear of humans beings to this event.

This is the starting point of the communication problem of humanity.

It was fiction but is a philosophy I believe in order to understand some mistakes we make everyday  as a humans beings in our understanding .


Before I came also I had the romantic idea on my mind that New York is a City of dreams because of the old american movies.

They want come true actually trying to reincarnate as a real humans.  Like showing what Love can be or how can become real as a romantic therm using the Hollywood actors.

But you realize that’s not true almost. There is not perfect idea. Even the person who comes pretty close  to it.


And then after all that,  comes the reality of broken dreams all transported with street art.


Andy Warhol influences everywhere.

I saw this graffiti walking down the High line. This is in everywhere. You see a magazine about New York and  you can find it.  You know?… is street art.


At list there are colors on art but not on clothing unfortunately.

There are no colors in the clothing dressed  by newyorkers. Everything is a gray scale.

Everywhere you go, every activity you do, is a therapy for yourself. Because you cannot communicate with your people. With the people you have around you. Who is close to you.

Then you can find a group you don’t know at all and then they explain you their problems openly.  Like the movie I went to see of Boody  Allen, Jasmin  Blue.

Even the neighbors  are strangers to you. But eventually explode and then they  need therapy group.

We born in a world to  have a good  social and communicative relationships I think.

New York is a city of survivors in social relations and  very individual. That’s the focus of the problem.

But still fascinates me.


Petpartners New York.

The American Kennel club & the International cat association worked together to MEET the BREEDS.



I was at the weekend, like 3 weeks ago watching the dogs  in this event.

They were very well organized you could see several Clubs involved, and their champions in each category.

Also it was participating the New York  Schuthzund & Police Dog Club!! 





Also they dress them in fashion style





Also you could find some Rasta Dogs!! 🙂 and Hippy style. 







For sure that kind of dog was an inspiration to Fraggel Rock  I was a fan of that tv show!!!  When I was a little girl in Spain. <3.







Or who didn’t hear abut 101 dalmatians???

I was watching them I think a hundred times !!! One of my first movies in my childhood.





Who said Dobermans are dangerous?? that one wasn’t…He was lovely…






A french country side Dog because of Berger (quite like my surname) it means mountain. 





The spanish water dog. He is good for people who has allergic problems on dogs. He is the one.




The Lifeguards in pirineus and in the alps  from what I know. 




They  are so quite.  One morning with Pets!!!










My Holy moment, running in New York City

Here I am

It’s around 7’00 a.m?

I’m very sleepy. But at list the work out is done  and I can start the day well and I feel free then :-).

I like to feel that the city rises. It is very quite 

It’s a holy moment for me…and then starts the day in New York.Image

Near Hudson River.

the sun first touch New Jersey. I love the colors




How can it be possible I’m so close from my spiritual parents…Patty Smith and Bruce Springsteen are from the other side of the river. They both are from New Jersey. 

I was 14 years old and his songs were in my head and in my heart. My first concert in Barcelona I remember very well, my mother gave me 4.000 pts!!!! OMG!! long time now,  we have Euros!!!. Her songs came later to me…

And now I’m  super close from them <3.





And running until the end



People normally don’t recycle here in New York which I found it very strange at the beginning when I arrived.

United States is one of the places where people has very high levels of consume if you compare with Europe

And then people who lives on the street advantage to recycle and with that they earn  some money. 



A normal day in New York. Not all the private systems  or  pure capitalism  always work well. 

But in another hand it push you to do things by your own. Not always is bad and not always is good. 

Like everything on life.

I’m lucky to be born in Europe I like my mentality  so I hope people take care of it.  Because now is getting worse and we are not ready to fight like NewYorkers or Africa or China. 





Two arts by two brothers with a lot of light in New York City.

Opening a light space for the enlightened people.



Amazing picture by Sergio de Luz.

I was Dona de Luz for one day such an amazing day. It was writing on the tickets I had booked “for Dona de Luz”. 🙂

 We were watching The Four Seasons,  one of my favorites compositors, Giuseppe Verdi in David. H. Theater Lincoln Center. It could be as big as Liceu from Barcelona. Beautiful theater in New York. 


 I was the sister for one day  of Sergio de Luz, good friend and really  good photographer and Joaquin de Luz, one of the principal dancers of New York City Ballet.

 Such an amazing brothers  what did the parents gave them for eat? 

 They have success in developing art and I know is difficult but they just do it.

Made in Spain both.  Their grandfather was really  deeply involved in bullfighting culture another art if you take it as a philosophy. 

My  father is from Sevilla and this summer I tried to understand about it very much. I have part of this culture not much but enough and I toke it as a philosophy of life. That’s the good part of that culture. They are good skills for me I believe.



They bring the Light everywhere they go you see the light in both of them.  Joaquin more nature  in body expression and Sergio more Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde searching the beauty on him and on the others!! 

How many times Sergio is telling me,” you are fantastic on photos”  ( which I never believe it until I see them!! ) he is great. And personal, I like that.

I love their art expression.

They bring me light that’s the point  that’s the positive thing from them. 


 By Sergio de Luz.




By Sergio de Luz 

Like this is how Sergio sees his brother, Joaquin de Luz,  there is nothing else than beauty around.




Joaquin de Luz  in everywhere with the dance. 






He has chosen a very hard race and very beautiful at the same time. He has come so far, it was worth it, the years of discipline and sacrifice.




Here is Sergio de Luz






Sergio de Luz, self-portrait as the great painters. He will go  farther as the  speed light.




Before class, before class, before class…Sergio I’m thinking to take some ballet class.

Your brother and her girlfriend just inspire me.

And I remember when I was little I started ballet as many of them

and now I think I miss home if I had one and I go back to my childhood.

 I appreciate the  ‘Art of Ballet’. It would help me to develop my skills for what I want to become in my life.

 ‘For ballet does not attempt to recreate or imitate the movements of real life. Ballet attempts to create an illusion.

In ballet, we have the illusion of line: that the human body can be held, and can move, in one continuous, coordinated, pleasing line. We have the illusion of aplomb: that the dancer no matter what he is doing, maintains  complete poise, control and imperturbability; he makes everything look easy. We have the illusion of majesty and grandeur: that by this very stance and movements the dancer has ennobled the human body. And we have the illusion of weightlessness: ballet is in many respects, an aerial art. For ballet refuses  to give in to gravity. ‘







One day in China Town in New York City.

China Town’s area strategically is very good located. Is in Manhattan and it’s next to one of the best areas of New York City called Soho. You can walk after Soho and you are there. Is an economic area that can provide you anything you need for living. And it’s full of chines people, :-). But within the limits of the area you can see some mix.  That’s where I would live if I had to in China Town. 

As I know as so far, the best are the tea, vegetables, some medicine and cosmetics in some how.


If you cannot spend money on good food this is a good option.

About the fish and meet I’m not able to say anything.  Just  I don’t feel is good for me still. I don’t know where they come from and how they take care of it.

But I have to say I tried!!!!!! the eagles!! ahahhahahahaha OMG!!!! they are not the same as a sushi pice, you know?.



And I think I won’t try to eat the frogs although I know it’s a gourmet delicacy in some countries.

I’m sorry I prefer the catalan style snails. Like my grandfather use to make for all of us.Image

If you want some frogs, alligators, general fish…etc. They take it and kill it at the moment. The most animal way, the real way to eat the food. Blood all over, the most cruel and authentic way ever. You can see it in the markets of China Town.



This is actually real life. What happens is that we forget it when we cover everything with all modern lifestyle. To make us feel we are better persons.

There is a really good chinese  restaurant  in China Town called  “Joe’s Shanghai”. The most healthy  food never ever eat before form Chinese. 

Is about food, the restaurant doesn’t looks much good and you have to share tables (which I’m not use to it, and it was difficult for me initially).

But then I enjoy  and recovered myself after a Kung Fu class. And drink that Ginger stuff they have.



Maintaining good social relationships in New York.


October 28, 1986. Only  around a little bit more than a 100 years…it can be an influence  for good.

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Emma Lazarus’ poem stands in the pedestal on which the status stands.

Always a mother carries the responsibility of salvation or liberation? for their children.

New York,  how a city of immigrants become New Yorkers.

Who is going to take  me in this land of immigrants. I’ve never been an immigrant before and now I  feel like  one of them.

“The Statue of Liberty was a joint effort between France and the United States, intended to commemorate the lasting friendship between the peoples of the two nations. The French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi created the statue itself out of sheets of hammered copper, while Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, the man behind the famed Eiffel Tower, designed the statue’s steel framework.”

That’s why American people consider french people  and  have much more better  knowledge to their country  than the others. I think.

So is better to have good relationships between people than not. Future will tell you.


Amazing photos of Vito Galvango photographer.

Darkness, Salvation, Liberation. HOPE


Gay Choir singing in New York parks

Gay Choir singing in New York parks

Gay choir singing in one of the parks of New York on Sundays.
It reminds me of when I was younger and I was going to see dancing Sardanas (the traditional catalan dance) dancing in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona on Sundays too.
Now I wish that they could accept me to sing with them because also I was two years in the choir of Sagrada Familia, place where I was born. But I can’t because I’m not gay, but I love that…
They where singing traditional songs and american songs too. Lovely

Taking the spirit of New York

New York,

What’s the meaning of this City for me?.

New York is like the style of an old movie from the 50’s that it didn’t change, just when I’m dreaming in something beautiful about NY city.

New York buildings fascinated me. They are high and elegant. Also  it helps to define this decadent romanticism that I’m feeling  when I’m in New York.

When I’m up in the top of the building everything  is in silence and magnificent, and a dream can come true.

But when I’m down in the streets I believe is when the darkness is arriving if you are not ready to fight.

Is  not an easy City, is very intense  and cruel.

But then the  miracle happens, after a battle to your self and in this  small piece of land, you find your grace, your light, your true but just only if you survive of that City.

For sure it must have some relation about what happened to this City as Martin Scorsese explain in Gangs of New York in the middle of  XIX  century -(1846).

This City is been built by  the struggle and dreams.


These are amazing photos of Vito Galvango photographer.

That’s why New York is a tough city.

By the way, I like  New York.

You never get bored  about it. New York for me is a female / masculine name. I can’t find the true essence of it yet.

There is always something new to discover.

I’m lost in New York…

Everything is possible if you wish for it.